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Tips and Resources for Creating Interactive eLearning (reposted)

I’ve been asked many times about applying the concepts learned from the face-to-face class “Training from the BACK of the Room” to either synchronous (live, virtual learning) or asynchronous (independent, self-study learning) via webinars and any other form of online learning. Here are some resources to help you create more interactive, brain-based  elearning experiences.      

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“Brain-Based Presenting: Getting the Brain to Pay Attention” – Free Interactive Webinar, July 24th 2018

If you haven’t had the chance to participate in my free webinar titled “Brain-Based Presenting: Getting the Brain to Pay Attention,”  please join me on Tuesday, July 24th 2018, for an hour of practical  brain-based learning. The webinar is sponsored by InSync Training, one of the foremost leaders in the virtual training design and delivery world.

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“Anti-Patterns of Training – Part Two” Contributed by Jean-Paul Bayley

(Sharon’s note: My thanks to TBR Certified Trainer Jean-Paul Bayley for contributing this post.) Following my previous “Anti-Patterns of Training” post, here are more mistakes (“anti-patterns”) trainers often make. When viewed through the lens of “Training from the BACK of the Room” we see that these go against how brain science tells us we learn best.

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Introducing 3 TBR Certified Trainers and 5 Benefits from Attending “Training from the BACK of the Room”

If you haven’t yet attended one of the “Training from the BACK of the Room” (TBR) classes being offered globally for 2018, this blog post will list five benefits you’ll receive from doing so. Also, this post will introduce you to three outstanding TBR Certified Trainers who have contributed to my blog and who are offering TBR classes this August/September. 

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“A Different Approach to Teaching” Contributed by Amir Peled

Amir Peled is a Certified Trainer for “Training from the BACK of the Room.” In this post, he relates his discouragement with traditional methods of instruction and his enthusiastic embrace of brain-based, learner-centered teaching. “For years I hated learning. It always reminded me how the education system gladly ejected me from high school at the age of 16, after being

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Pop-Quiz Homework for IACET Webinar Participants, Feb. 1st 2018

(NOTE: I posted this the day before the actual webinar on February 1st 2018 so that participants can access it immediately once the webinar ends). You attended my webinar “Brain-Based Presenting: Getting the Brain to Pay Attention” and now you’re ready to do some of the “Follow-Ups” – spaced practice activities that will help move what you learned into your long-term memory.

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