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 Sharon creates customized, interactive, participant-centered training programs for businesses, educational institutions, and governmental agencies in the U.S. and other countries. In addition to one, two, or three-day train-the-trainer programs, She also designs and presents breakout sessions and certificate programs for national training conferences.

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See below for titles and descriptions of some of Sharon’s most popular programs and conference sessions. And click on Training from the BACK of the Room for her global train-the-trainer programs.  

Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick.

In this exciting session, you’ll explore the most current “cognitive neuroscience” – brain science from this past decade about how humans learn. Discover six brain science principles that will change the ways you teach others and that will put to rest outdated assumptions about learning. Experience a variety of instructional strategies that illustrate these brain-based concepts and that you can use immediately in your own training programs. After participating in this hands-on session, you’ll be able to:

* Explain the importance of these six brain science principles to anyone interested in how the human brain learns.

* Apply brain science to any course you teach, whether classroom or online, regardless of the content, size of the group, or level of learners.

* Access the newest brain science resources to enhance your own understanding of the human brain and human earning.

Got a Minute? 60-Second Activities that Help Learners Review Repeat, and Remember.

No time for training activities because you have too much content to teach? Experience dozens of one-minute instructional strategies you can use with any topic, any age group, and any size audience.

Whether you teach, train, or present content-rich courses or hands-on training, these activities will increase learners’ long-term retention of important information. Plus, they’re just downright fun!

In this high-energy, hands-on program, you’ll discover a variety of short, quick, and exciting ways to involve learners, one-minute openings and closings that begin and end with learners engagement, and easy energizers that will keep learners alert while reviewing what they’ve learned.

Preventing Death by Powerpoint! Transforming a Slide Show into a Learning Tool.

Uncover the secrets of turning a boring Powerpoint presentation into an engaging, memorable learning tool, regardless of the audience or topic. This is a powerful workshop – and a must – for anyone who uses Powerpoint for any reason.

You’ll leave with dozens of easy-to-use strategies and a resource packet of practical and useful information to apply immediately to your own slides shows. Powerpoint will never be the same again!

 Map It! Using the 4Cs to Design and Deliver Great Training.

Discover a quick and remarkably easy way to design and deliver effective training that is based on brain science instead of traditional instructional design (ID) methods: “The 4Cs Map,” a four-step instructional design model from Accelerated Learning. Practice using this ID model with your own training topics, and receive a handout of great ideas and resources to polish your ID skills. 

Preventing Death by Lecture! Turning Passive Listeners into Active Learners with Accelerated Learning Techniques.

You KNOW there are better ways of presenting information other than straight lecture. But what do you do to involve learners in their own learning while still covering the content? Welcome to the trainer’s world of “shorter is better; high-energy, teach-it-quick-and-make-it-stick” training.

In this program, you’ll discover how to use dozens of short, quick, interactive instructional strategies to engage and involve learners throughout an entire class, presentation or training – regardless of the topic, length of class, or size of audience.

Explore interactive lecture strategies that increase learner engagement, brain research that enhances learner retention, and new resources to turn passive listeners into active learners every time you teach or train.

Using the Ordinary to Make Your Training Extraordinary.

Want to make your content memorable? Clean off your desk! Discover dozens of ways to use ordinary office and household objects (with some quick memory techniques) to make your training stick – with any topic and any audience.

After this program, you’ll be able to: engage learners with quick, inexpensive, interactive learning tools; apply easy-to-use retention techniques; use ordinary object in extraordinary ways to make your classes and training memorable.

The Ten Minute Trainer! Teaching a Lot in a Little Time.

Based on Sharon’s best-selling book by the same name, this workshop shows how to apply the newest brain research and dozens of interactive instructional strategies, without sacrificing training time or content.

This workshop will also help you make the most of each precious minute of instruction, using these minutes wisely and well.

Whatever your instructional skills level, this session is jam-packed with practical tips and strategies you can use immediately in your own classes and training to keep learners involved from the moment they walk in the door until the moment they leave.

How To Give It So They Get It! Learning Styles, Training Styles, and Using Both to Make the Learning Last.

Explore the connections between how you learn, teach, train, and communicate. Learn the needs of the four major learning styles, how to “style-stretch” to meet those needs, and how to design styles-based training to make the learning last.

Discover: 4 ways to style-stretch to reach all learners; 2 powerful training tools that are based on the natural way ALL people learn; how to enhance the interest and motivation of ALL learning styles.

Wake ‘Em Up! Creating Interactive Webinars and Computer-Based Training.

Don’t let anyone tell you that e-learning can’t be interactive! Explore a variety of ways to make ANY computer-based learning experience engaging, hands-on, and unforgettable.

Whether you are conducting a teleconference (audio only), webinar (synchronous) or self-study (asynchronous) e-learning experience, this program will give you the tools you need to keep learners awake, involved, and motivated during the entire e-learning session.

Right from the Start: What Beginning Trainers Need to Know.

Designed for the new trainer (and a refreshing review for the experienced trainer), this session gives you practical and useful tips for creating great training right from the start.

Discover the unspoken things that competent trainers know, and how to use these “secrets” in successful and memorable ways. Leave with a toolbag full of ideas, strategies, and suggestions that you can use with any audience and any topic.

“Calling all trainers! Calling all trainers! Go see Sharon – her class is a true gift, not only to yourself, but also to the future classes you train.” Lori Becker, Corporate Trainer, Nestle Purina

“Enlightening, liberating, and fun! I have attended many train-the-trainer seminars and every one of them missed the target, were painful, and a waste of time and money. Sharon knows her stuff and leaves your mind wide open – loved it! ” Gary Kalas, Retail Training Specialist, LG Electronics

“A fun, interactive, and effective way to learn how to teach in a fun, interactive, and effective way.” Paul Figueroa, Captain of Police Oakland Police Department, CA

“Very dynamic! Once again, Sharon has given us great ideas to bring our training alive.” Michelle Thompson, Executive Director, San Diego Regional Training Center, CA

“Sharon uses a high-energy style of delivery that keeps you engaged and on the edge of your seat…a valuable investment of my time.” Susan Reynolds, Manager,Training and Development, CUNA Mutual Group, WI