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Website updated August 12th 2020
NOTES: Most classes that have been canceled or postponed due to Covid-19 will probably be rescheduled later in 2020 or early in 2021, once the global crisis has abated. Please do check back for updates.
Also, TBR Certified Trainers are hard at work designing/developing a TBR-Virtual Edition Class. Class participants will learn to deliver dynamic and effective virtual training by applying the best of brain-based, virtual training practices and tools. Release dates and registration information will be posted here by early October 2020.
The TBR-VE Class will be offered in addition to (not in replacement of) the face-to-face 2-day TBR Practitioner Class. It will not be a substitute for the requirements for the Trainer Certification Course (TCC).
Stay healthy and safe! Sharon
  Watch “Training from the BACK of the Room” in Action! 

When “Agile and Training from the BACK of the Room” Work Together!  

The videos above were created by Xebia (“Creating Digital Winners”) for TBR classes facilitated by Certified Trainer Thorsten Oliver Kalnin in the Netherlands, 2017

A Short Introduction to “Training from the BACK of the Room!”

The video above was created by Certified Trainers Dana Pylayeva and Anil Jaising; New York USA, December 2018

You’ll find the best of brain-based learning, training, and teaching on this website. Scroll down this page for lots of free resources and give-aways and click on the link below for the 2020 calendar of public training classes:

Sharon’s newest blog post is: “Follow-Ups” to the Aug. 11th Webinar (with Q&A Responses and Free Infographics).

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“High energy, content rich, worth every penny! What a fantastic way to recharge your training battery!” Cindi Bishop, Senior Trainer, Paramount Health Care

“Excellent training for anyone responsible for teaching others, young or old, regardless of their subject.” Nick Colonna, Trainer for Nevada Energy

“This breaks the mold of traditional teaching methods by introducing new, enriching, and engaging activities to facilitate learning.” Brent Chelker, Technical Accounting Manager, Rally, Inc. CO

“A can-do, results-oriented experience! Focused, empowering, energizing – takes the best of the best, and then challenges you to be better, with ease!!” Jackye McClare, San Jose State University, CA