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  Watch “Training from the BACK of the Room” in Action! 

When “Agile and Training from the BACK of the Room” Work Together!  

The videos above were created by Xebia (“Creating Digital Winners”) for TBR classes facilitated by Certified Trainer Thorsten Oliver Kalnin in the Netherlands, 2017

A Short Introduction to “Training from the BACK of the Room!”

The video above was created by Certified Trainers Dana Pylayeva and Anil Jaising
New York USA, December 2018

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Greater Washington D.C. Area, USA (August)

Facilitator: TBR Certified Trainer Nicole Fleming
Location: Greater Washington D.C. Area, USA
Dates: August 7th – 8th 2019; Training from the BACK of the Room (early-bird special offered – see registration page)
Sponsored by: The Braintrust Consulting Group

NOTE: Two Trainer Certification Course (TCC) days follow the above TBR Class in August; however, these two TCC days filled a year ago. Please contact TCC Certifier Nicole Fleming (nicole.fleming@braintrustgroup.com) to be put on a wait-list for the next US TCC day. When there is enough interest, another TCC day in the US will be scheduled and you will be contacted before the TCC day is posted publicly. Reminder: The 2-day TBR class is a prerequisite for attendance at a TCC.

JUST ADDED: New York City, New York, USA (September)

Facilitators: TBR Certified Trainer Dana Pylayeva & Anil Jaising
Location: New York City, New York, USA
Dates: September 13th – 14th 2019; Training from the BACK of the Room (early-bird special offered – see registration page)
Sponsored by: Concepts & Beyond Inc.

Berlin, Germany (September)

Facilitator:TBR Certified Trainer Julian Kea
Location: Berlin, Germany
Dates:September 16th – 17th 2019; Training from the BACK of the Room (early-bird special available)
NOTE:This class will be taught in German
Sponsored by: [ki:]®Learning

Frankfurt, Germany (September)
The Trainer Certification Course Package

Facilitator: TBR Certified Trainer Rolf F. Katzenberger
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Dates: September 23rd – 25th 2019; Training from the BACK of the Room Practitioner Class & Trainer Certification Course (super-early-bird special available)
Sponsored by: Pragmatic Teams
NOTE: See blog post HERE about the Trainer Certification Package

Bologna, Italy (October)

Facilitator: TBR Certified Trainer Teri Frith
Location: Bologna, Italy
Dates: October 1st – 2nd 2019; Training from the BACK of the Room
Sponsored by: Avanscoperta

Dublin, Ireland (October)

Facilitator: TBR Certified Trainer Jean-Paul Bayley
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Dates: Oct 7th – 8th 2019; Training from the BACK of the Room
Sponsored by: Actineo Consulting LLP

JUST ADDED: Central Maryland, USA (October)
Facilitator: TBR Certified Trainer Elisabeth Sanders-Park
Location: Central Maryland, USA
Dates: October 10th – 11th, 2019; Training from the BACK of the Room (Early Bird, SUPER Early, and groups rates offered, see registration page)
Sponsored by: WorkNet Solutions
Cologne, Germany (October)
Facilitator: TBR Certified Trainer Thorsten Oliver Kalnin
Location: Cologne, Germany
Dates: October 17th – 18th 2019; Training from the BACK of the Room (early-bird special offered – see registration page)

Here are FOUR more great giveaways to download and share:

A Quick Guide to the 4Cs Map

The 6 Trumps Guide (You’ll Never Teach or Train Without It!)

4 PowerPoint Tips You MUST Know Before Making Your Next Presentation

4 More Ways to Study Smart! (Hint: They are NOT What You Think!)

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