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BrainScienceCoverIn Sharon Bowman’s newest book, you’ll discover six learning principles based on the most current “cognitive neuroscience” – the brain science about how humans learn. For a free book excerpt, click on Six Trumps: The Brain Science that Makes Training Stick. The book is available for purchase on Amazon and here is what one satisfied Amazon customer said about this practical and useful book:

“The very best teachers model what they teach or “practice what they preach”. It’s no wonder then, that Sharon Bowman is so incredibly effective. Focused on simplifying six key findings of current brain research and their implications to teaching, Sharon not only describes and illustrates these “6 Trumps” in her energetic, friendly manner, but engages the reader in practicing them.

A self-guided student of brain research for the past five years, I have been fascinated by the potential impact that neuroscience can have on the field of education and training. Sharon Bowman’s book has demystified this research and translated the critical do’s and don’ts of effective instruction. Teachers concerned with common challenges such as engaging students in learning, lack of instructional time, and making sure students “get it,” can not afford NOT to respond to the advances brain research has provided the field of education.

Sharon’s book is a fantastic, practical resource that will inspire you and further your growth as an educator.”

NewBkCover 2This globally acclaimed book gives you sixty-five ways to step aside and let your learners take center stage as they teach and learn from each other. This is interactive training and teaching at its best. There are many free excerpts of this book on the FREE ARTICLES page. You can purchase the book on Amazon, and here is what one Amazon customer wrote:

“I am a professional trainer and coach primarily in the software industry. I’m always on the lookout for new and better ways to train adults because it is what I do for a living. While looking for something to read on my Kindle I stumbled across this book and decided to give it a read. Only one word can describe my reaction as I was reading – WOW! The techniques in this book are simple, effective and fun.

I have now facilitated several courses using the provided techniques and not only did the courses get even better reviews from attendees (and I had always received great reviews) I had a LOT more fun facilitating the classes. 

This book is truly life changing for me as I suspect it will be for others. The techniques seem odd at times, but the ones I have used have been extremely effective. Class participants engage in ways I never thought possible. I don’t think I have ever written a review on Amazon before, but this one is worthy of high praise so I took the plunge!”


A22TMTToo much to teach in too little time? This book is for the busy training professional or classroom instructor who wants to create memorable learning experiences without wasting the student’s – or the instructor’s – time. It’s a practical, grab-it-and-go book that demonstrates how to design and deliver effective classes and training programs in less time and with increased learner retention. You’ll find many free excerpts of this book on the FREE ARTICLES page. The book is listed on Amazon and here is a customer’s review:

“Regardless of your time in the training position, this book is a MUST HAVE. If you are new to the position, there are quick tips and tricks to get you started on the path to active learning for your audience. If you are an experienced trainer, soak in the chapters on the “why” behind the activities. Sharon’s approach is not only easy for the facilitator, but, more importantly, rewarding for the learners. Pay close attention to the variations on each of the techniques, and you will never run out of material. As a corporate trainer with an education degree, this book showed me exactly what I didn’t know, as well as what my learners were missing out on! Enjoy!”

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