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The articles on this page were created by Sharon Bowman and span decades of teaching, training, and writing. All articles are in PDF format and some may require the free Adobe Reader to read/download.

Please cite the source if you quote them or use them as supplementary materials in your own classes and training programs. Please do share the links to the articles you find useful and interesting.

Six Trumps™: The Brain Science That Makes Training Stick.
From: Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick 

60-Second Pop-Ups
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer

60-Second Shout-Outs
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer

Stand,Stretch, and Speak
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer

The Walkabout
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer

Postcard Partners
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer

Take a Stand
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer

Birds of a Feather
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer

Grab That Spoon
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer

Gallery Walk
From: How To Give It So They Get It and The Ten-Minute Trainer

Rapid Learning Stations: Learning a Lot in a Little Time
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer

Let The Compass Be Your Guide: Two Powerful Training Design and Delivery Tools
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer

Get A Clue: 4 Ways to increase Motivation and Memory in Learning
From: The Ten-Minute TrainerCIMG1052

You Said It but Did They Get It?
From: The Ten-Minute Trainer

Bag It! A Quick and Easy Way to Design Training
From: Training from the BACK of the Room!

The Secret of Adult Learning Theory: It’s NOT About Age!
From: Training from the BACK of the Room!

Wake ‘Em Up: 7 Tips for Interactive E-Learning
From: Training from the BACK of the Room!

Marking The Middle: Involving Learners in the Middle of a Lecture
From: Preventing Death by Lecture 

HDWeb3SevenTips for Turning Listeners into Learners
From: Preventing Death by Lecture

Nifty Notes: Involving Learners with Graphic Organizers
From: Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Drawing A Blank: Using Blank Paper as a Learning Tool
From: Shake, Rattle, and RollCIMG1040

The Magic Of Metaphor
From: Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

Eight Characteristic of Accelerated Learning

Eight Training Reminders

Color Your Brain
This is a self-created, coloring worksheet that illustrates brain hemisphericity dominance (right/left brain preferences).

excella20134Myth or Fact Brain Game
This simple card-sorting game deals with the brain research that supports human learning.

Sharin’ With Sharon
From: Training Treasures Magazine, September 2008

Training Treasure Tips
From: Training Treasures Magazine, June 2008

I See What You Say
From: Nevada Business Journal, January 2005

Move About When In Doubt
From: Las Vegas Health Magazine, October 2004

Working Together and Making It Work
Authors: Sharon Bowman and Laura Moriarty 


Below are a few more articles by other contributing authors, as well as writers for various magazines and other news

Professional Development: Got a Twitter Minute?

Author: Silvia Rosenthall Tolisano
Silvia Tolisano is a consultant, coach, and author of the excellent Langwitches Blog. This blog posting contains an image-rich example of her “Sketchnote” about 60-second strategies from The Ten-Minute Trainer.

sketchnotes03-optHow to Get Started with Sketchnotes
Not sure how to take notes in a quick, interesting, visual format? Check out this article by Elizabeth Irgens.

Flexible Learning Newsletter, Madison College WI
A well-written, informative, and reader-friendly newsletter with lots of Accelerated Learning articles and tips. 

6 Important Things to Know about How Your Brain Learns by Belle Beth Cooper and contributed here by Tony Harper, Certified Trainer for “Training from the BACK of the Room”

Stand Up While You Read This!
NY Times article that begins with “Your chair is your enemy!” Read on!

Teacher Spends Two Days as a Student and is Shocked at What She Learns
A Washington Post article that is a “must-read” for anyone working in traditional educational institutions, especially high schools and colleges.

BSCG9Applying the 4Cs Map to Enhancing Team Performance

Author: Salah Elleithy
Sallah Elleithy is the Managing Consultant and Learning Facilitator for SparkAgility, a training and consulting company with a focus on enabling agility and enhancing team performance.

The Science of Learning: Best Approaches for Your Brain
Author: Mark Levison
Mark Levison is an Agile Software Development trainer who also specializes in applying cognitive neuroscience to classroom-based instruction and coaching software development teams. For more about Mark and the links to his articles, click here or you can access his personal blog here.

Adventures in Accelerated Learning
Author: Roger Brown
Roger Brown is a coach and trainer in the world of Agile Software Development, a team-based approach to creating innovative products. He has an interest in the application of neuroscience to learning, creativity, and collaboration. You can correspond with Roger on his professional blog at or his personal blog at

Communicating Future Threats: The Hyperbolic Brain
An intriguing article on why the brain pays more attention to short-term threats (eg. heart pain or severe weather) rather than long-term ones (eg. obesity or global warming).

Can You Build a Better Brain?
Newsweek Magazine article with some interesting observations about the three best things you can do to keep your brain fit for life.