Free Micro-Courses

Micro-courses are short, image-rich, interactive slide presentations about a specific topic. In each of the micro-courses below, you are directed to do certain tasks so that you will be able to remember the content longer than if you just read the slides. And each micro-course will give you dozens of ways of using the information in your own classes and with your own teaching and training topics.

Instructions for TBR-VE™ Class Participants: Scroll down until you find the title of the “Warm-Ups” or “Follow-Ups” assignment you want to view. Then use the > icon to advance the slides. 

Instructions for Viewing Full Screen Slides on a Computer: Click on the small box outline in the bottom right of the title slide screen to view in full-screen mode.

Instructions for Viewing on a Cell Phone or Tablet: You will need to swipe the screen to advance the slides.

For a Complimentary E-Book: Scroll to the bottom of the micro-courses to find out how to receive a complimentary digital copy of “Presenting With Pizzazz!”

For a Complimentary E-Book “Presenting with Pizzazz!” – View one of the micro-courses above, then leave a comment about it below. Your comment might be a short summary of the micro-course, how you plan to use what you’ve learned, or your thoughts about it.

This complimentary e-book will be sent to you via email, once your comment has been read. Thanks, in advance, for commenting on a micro-course!