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(Page updated August 2019)

Certified Trainers for
“Training from the BACK of the Room!”

As of August 2019, there are over 350 professional trainers from over a dozen countries world-wide who have been certified/licensed to teach Sharon’s globally acclaimed, 2-day “Training from the BACK of the Room” (TBR) Practitioner Class.

This page serves as an introduction to many of the active TBR Certified Trainers (listed in alphabetical order). “Active” means that they have presented (or will be presenting) TBR for either public, private, or non-profit organizations.

In addition to the 2-day TBR class, many active Certified Trainers also present TBR concepts at national or global conferences. Others offer private TBR programs solely for their own companies and clients. Still others write about TBR for blogs, podcasts, websites, and other online venues.

All Certified Trainers function as independent consultants and, as such, they set their own pricing, venues, and registration information for TBR classes.

TBR classes that are open to the public will be posted on the Home and Training Events pages of this website (these pages are updated regularly so check back for new classes). If you wish to contact a TBR Certified Trainer for a specific country not listed on this page, please send Sharon an email inquiry at sbowperson@gmail.com.

Active TBR Certified Trainers 

Vivek Angiras, Washington D.C. Metro Area, USA
I’m Vivek Angiras, an experienced IT leader, trainer, facilitator and an Agile coach. For the last decade, my work has been focused on helping teams and individuals achieve better agility. I divide my time delivering Agile training and leading Agile transformations and organizational improvements for Fortune 100 companies, ranging from healthcare, banking, retail, and insurance. You can follow me on Twitter @vivangiras or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Peter Antman, Sweden
I’m Peter Antman and, after 14 years in product development at Atex Polopoly, Mogul and DN, I am now an independent consultant for Agile and Scrum-based companies in Europe. 
As an Agile consultant, I assist with both the coaching and operational activities in organizations that need support, guidance or inspiration to introduce or improve their development processes or teamwork. I also help develop the product owner’s role and often give further insights into the benefits and challenges of Agile leadership.Please read my blog posts and Agile articles and presentations.

Sarah Baca Sarah Baca, Florida, USA
I’m Sarah Baca, the founder and CEO of Nerdy Knights, LLC. I have been coaching and teaching for over a decade. I’m currently an Agile coach and trainer for companies interested in increasing effectiveness through courageous change. I am passionate about using brain science to help teams make conscious connections and continually improve. I believe that we all have a right to love what we do and to bring our whole selves to work. I use “Training from the BACK of the Room” skills to coach software teams and to create courses that excite people about learning. I have used TBR techniques at Orlando Code Camp, the Agile 2015 International Conference, and for several local meetup groups. You can follow me on Twitter @sjbaca3.

Jean-Paul Bayley, England
I’m Jean-Paul Bayley, founder of Bay Spark Ltd.  – a Business Agility Consultancy. People say that I am a “very competent, good natured facilitator.” I’ve been helping people be the best that they can be for many years. I thrive on the fizz and pop of a training group in full flow. My mission is to share how to create fun, engaging and memorable learning experiences. Using the skills that I have honed during my career as a consultant, coach, and trainer, I now help individuals, teams, and organisations achieve their professional goals. I facilitate processes for organisations and teams that unleash what they know and how they can apply this to get to where they want to be. Be sure to read my blog post on Sharon’s website: 3 Anti-Patterns of Training. And you can follow me on Twitter @jpbayley.

Khurram Bhatti, Sweden
I am Khurram Bhatti, a curious Agile Transformation coach and trainer with over 15 years of experience in software development. Back in 2010, I found my passion for Agile coaching, facilitation and designing learning sessions. My goal is to inspire individuals and teams to develop a healthy, collaborative, and continuously-improved organizational culture where experimentation is encouraged and crafting a high focus is appreciated. My work as an Agile Transformation coach is to enhance these perceptions: creating a better work-life and empowering people to grow. I have successfully served many individuals, Agile teams and organizations in their Agile expeditions. I also save people’s lives from “death by powerpoint” by encouraging the use of brain-science principles and the 4Cs map in their own training programs. Let’s stay in touch on Twitter @KhurramBhatti. Or connect with me on LinkedIn and read my blog at www.khurrambhatti.com.

Victor Bonacci, California, USA
I’m IT specialist and avid Agile Coach Vic Bonacci. In 2012, I created Agile Coffee for the purpose of bringing together the local Agile/Lean community around a focal point of conversations. As more trainer/coaches joined this online community, they exchanged many creative ideas – and consumed a lot of coffee! My use of the moniker “Agile Coffee” owes as much to the Lean Coffee (and What is Lean Coffee?) movement as to my own love for the roasted bean. You can find my 
podcast about “Training from the BACK of the Room” on Sharon’s blog HERE and on my blog HERE.

Audrey Boydston, Greater Chicago Area, Illinois, USA
“I’m Audrey Boydston, an experienced Lean-Agile coach, mentor, trainer, speaker and SAFe Program Consultant with Thoughtful Agile.  I am passionate about the value Agile delivers and focus on facilitating increased collaboration for delivery teams and creating an environment that fosters sustainable transformations.  As a TBR Certified Trainer, my focus is on engaging my audience and creating a love for lifelong learning through each workshop I create and deliver.  I am an avid runner and usually come up with my most unique coaching and facilitation ideas while training for half marathons.  You can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter @Agile_Audrey.

kimbrainardKim Brainard, Washington D.C. Metro Area, USA
I’m Kim Brainard, founder of Agile Brain. I am an energetic trainer, facilitator, and coach who is passionate about community and effective communication. My fusion for real-life stories and conversational techniques allow me to connect with audiences of all walks of life on an intimate and intense level. I am skilled in building interaction and collaboration among educators, organizations, and teams to drive change, support key objectives, and maximize value creation. I hold training courses that unleash creativity and innovation. You can follow me on Twitter @agilebrain1.

001-2-300x225 (1)

Christine Brautigam, Oregon, USA 
I’m Christine Brautigam, founder and CEO of InspiredAgility. I am passionate about learning and adult professional development. In the true spirit of a “paradigm pioneer,” I partner with you in learning and experimenting your way to higher levels of performance and development. 
Using my years of experience in the software development world, my training programs include methodologies, process improvement, project management, and innovative education. For more about my consulting and training services, please visit my website at Inspired Agility and feel free to download the practical and useful training design checklist I created for readers of Sharon’s blog: The 4Cs Design Checklist.
Tricia_Broderick head shot 2

Tricia Broderick, Colorado, USA
I’m Tricia Broderick, an 
experienced leader, coach, mentor, trainer, and speaker with Agile For All. I’m passionately focused on the facilitation of high-performance software development environment. I bring seventeen years of experience to my training work, including the last eight years of focus with an Agile mindset. I leverage and openly share work experience stories and examples to inspire people, especially managers and leaders, to reach new heights through continuous reflection, both as individuals and as members of innovative teams.  You can follow me on Twitter @t_broderick.

Laurie Brown, Michigan, USA
I’m Laurie Brown, the founder of Laurie Brown Communications. I’ve been a speaker, trainer and coach for over two decades, working with a wide range of leaders and teams to help them communicate more effectively. I’ve worked throughout the world with culturally diverse audiences at all corporate levels. My clients have included Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and small family-owned businesses. I am passionate about engaging, effective training—training that really makes a difference. To learn more about my training and coaching services please visit my website or my facebook page.

Peter Byström, Sweden
I’m Peter Byström and I’m an independent Agile coach and trainer with experience from the public sector to the gaming industry. I like to work with teams and develop high quality products as well as working with management groups and leaders on Agile culture and organizational transformation. I mostly use experience-based learning methods combined with theory and practical exercises to obtain deep knowledge about Agile methods and values. Seeing other people grow and learn about new things is a real passion of mine and I use “Training from the BACK of the Room” to help participants do awesome things wherever they go.

Kumar Dattatreyan, Washington D.C. Metro Area, USA
I’m Kumar Dattatreyan, the founder and CEO of Treya Consulting, LLC. I’m an Enterprise Agile Coach, Facilitator and Trainer and have applied the principles of brain science to all the training I develop and deliver. Thank you “Training from the Back of the Room” for reinvigorating my training! My classes are fun and engaging and I want to share this joy of teaching and learning with others. Please visit my website on Treya Consulting or connect with my on LinkedIn.


Jeff Davis, Florida, USA
I’m Jeff Davis, corporate trainer for The Workforce Excellence Group with headquarters in Westminster, Maryland. My areas of expertise include soft skills training, career coaching and workforce development. My passion is providing workers with the skills they need to succeed in both their careers and personal lives. I work with a number of organizations which include colleges, businesses, and private and public organizations. 
I believe that: “The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination” (Don Williams, American Novelist and Poet).


Jeffrey Davidson, Texas, USA
I’m Jeffrey Davidson, a strong people leader with the proven ability to build exceptionally strong teams. I am experienced at coaching staff and teams transitioning to Agile and Lean development methodologies. I am also experienced with strategic planning, including strategy plan development, communication, organizational alignment, and execution. I specialize in quickly developing comprehensive requirements for large software projects as a Senior Business Analyst for Raytheon, Dell, Ebay, and other clients. You can find more information on my website and blog at Good Requirements.

AngelaDoyle-004 (1)
Angela Doyle, Washington D.C. Metro Area, USA
Angela Doyle the CEO and founder of Fast Forward Training. I have been an international speaker and trainer for Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. government for over fifteen year. I am a 
successful enterprise Agile Coach, working with businesses, employee teams, and executives to design programs based on business value and realistic outcomes. I provide an organic approach that drives business value with Lean and Agile core principles and practices.

Salah Elleithy, Washington D.C. Metro Area, USA
I am Salah Elleithy, a passionate Agile Coach, Agile Project Manager, Business Analyst. and highly motivated Information Technology (IT) Project Leader. I am also the president and founder of Spark Agility, an Agile company that provides project management, business analysis, and Agile BI (performance metrics) with a focus on Organizational Agility. We help clients in the federal and commercial domains improve project delivery lifecycle through the use of a value driven approach. Please read my article in InfoQ: Applying the 4Cs Map to Enhancing Team Performance.


James Enock, England
I’m James Enock, a partner at Adaptavis Ltd
and an Agile transformation coach. I have been facilitating Agile teams and organisations for over 10 years. I also have a proven track record as a developer, team leader, senior manager, and consultant. I have helped teams of all sizes on projects as varied as B2B, e-platforms, retail foreign exchange, investment management, investment banking, insurance and high volume e-commerce. My core focus is assisting teams and organisations to realise the benefits of working in Agile-based ways. I also help teams learn how to apply brain-based instruction to their own in-house training programs. You can follow me on Twitter @JamesEnock.

Shannon Ewan, Illinois, USA
I’m Shannon Ewan, an experienced trainer, facilitator, agile coach, long-time consultant, advocate of empowered teams, and proud team member of ICAgile. I enjoy keeping people on their toes and having them return the favor, not just in value-generating productivity, but in witty banter. I bring nearly two decades of experience to my training work, including agile transformation work in the commercial and government sectors, agile leadership and delivery for software teams, and international project management in the US Peace Corps. Brain-based learning and coaching is my passion. It is the key to happiness in the workplace and sustainable Business Agility. You can follow me on Twitter @ShannonEwan.

Nicole Fleming, Tennessee, USA
“Trainer Certification Course” Certifier, USA

I’m Nicole Fleming and I’m the Operations Coordinator and the Facilitator for the Center For Agile Leadership for The Braintrust Consulting Group. I’ve always been fascinated by how people learn and absorb information and now I’m combining two of my passions: teaching and professional development in order to help people grow. I have observed and helped facilitate hundreds of training classes in a wide variety of formats and venues. Learner interest and engagement have always been major components of all the workshops and classes I facilitate. As a Certified Trainer for “Training from the BACK of the Room,” I take what I have learned from the experts in brain-based instruction and Agile Leadership and apply my own unique perspective and approach to all the training programs I facilitate.

Teri Frith, Bournemouth, England
I’m Teri Frith, a Bournemouth-based (UK) TBR Certified Trainer.  My career has taken me from teaching in mainstream schools to the world of software development where I work alongside technical specialists at all stages of their careers to grow and develop their technological and leadership skills. I am especially lucky because I have first-hand access to what participants really think about the various technical (and other) training courses they attend, and I apply this feedback in my own training practices alongside the brain science principles. I particularly enjoy running the TBR courses because they are a constant source of delight for participants. Please visit my website at www.TFTraining.co.uk for information about the “Training from the BACK of the Room” classes I offer to private clients in Europe and the UK. 

Akash Garg, Washington DC and Northern Virginia, USA
I’m Akash Garg, the founder of Save Technologies LLC. I have more than a decade of experience in training, coaching and consulting to transform organizations and their mindset and culture. I believe that cultivating intrinsic motivation is the best way to empower individuals and teams. I have worked with management, teams, and individuals to effectively gain business value and process efficiencies. You can connect with me on LinkedIn. Cheers!


Torsten Werchmeister Hansen, Denmark
I’m Torsten Werchmeister Hansen. As an experienced coach, facilitator and trainer, I have helped companies and teams in Scandinavia, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA have deeper and more meaningful conversations at training events, in workshops and in everyday meetings. I believe most of what we do at work involves an element of learning; therefore, I am excited to be able to share my own “Training from the BACK of the Room” experience at courses in Denmark and elsewhere.

Shane Hastie, New Zealand
I’m Shane Hastie, the Director of Agile Learning Programs for ICAgile. I’m based in New Zealand and work all around the world. I’m an ardent agilist and have been a professional trainer & coach for the last 15 years.  I firmly believe that the humanistic way of working and the agile mindset are desperately needed in organisations all around the globe today, and I use TBR to help people “get” what it means to really BE agile.  Taking agile values and principles beyond software is important and making sure they are properly embedded is absolutely crucial for success – we’re in an industry that touches every aspect of people’s lives and massively influences society as a whole and I want to be a part of making sure that industry is both ethical and sustainable.  I am the Lead Editor for Culture & Methods on InfoQ.com and the host of the InfoQ Engineering Culture podcast.

Mat Hayes, Coventry, UK
Hi, I’m Mat Hayes. I’m an experienced Professional Coach and Training Consultant with a background in improvisation and mindfulness. I bring a sense of kindness, playfulness and balance to all those I am around. I work with individuals, teams, leaders, and executives to help them find the space to grow and solve their own problems. As an Agile Coach, I have worked in government, finance, and several successful start-ups.

My favourite thing to do is create immersive and interesting workshops. Since becoming a TBR Certified Trainer, I have found so much opportunity to be creative, help others stay engaged, learn, and demonstrate understanding. You can find me on Twitter @WhiteIsleMat.

Malene M. B. Jacobsen, South Africa
I’m Malene Jacobsen, an energetic Agile coach and trainer at Agile of Course. My mantra is: “Life is too short for boring sessions that do not add value” and that is why the TBR principles such as including physical movement and dialogue, have become ingrained in the way I design and structure my workshops, talks, and training sessions. My passion is to help people and companies achieve their true potential by using the agile mindset of continuous improvement. You can follow me on twitter @MaleneMBJ.


Dave Jacques, Quebec, Canada
I’m Dave Jacques and I dare to use the titles of Organizational Facilitator and Agile Coach. I help groups and individuals develop their full potential by providing a creative environment to understand and grow. I am passionate about team dynamics, human development and the use of the whole body in the search for quality exchanges. I live in the city of Quebec and I also facilitate the 2-day “Training from the BACK of the Room” Practitioner Class in French!

Anil Jaising, Greater New York City Area, New York, USA
I am Anil Jaising and I am an executive and a public speaker in a technology organization. My role is focused on Agile, product management, and organizational change. I am also charged with changing mindsets of senior executives and teams. From the beginning of my career in 1993, I realized that if I wanted my audience to experience and learn new ideas, I had to deliver impactful presentations.

TBR has dramatically changed how I deliver my workshops and the impact it has made on my audience. I recently created an experiential workshop “The 3 ways of DevOps” using the 4Cs lesson design model that have had rave reviews at both the Agile Alliance 2018 and Scrum Alliance 2018 conferences. My mission now is to teach TBR both in class and embedded in my workshops to engage audiences and improve how they communicate and teach. You can reach me on Twitter @aniljaising.

Jolene Jangles, Missouri, USA
I’m Jolene Jangles, founder and transformation coach for Balanced Agility.  I strongly believe in people’s greatness and I’ve spent the last 20 years focused on helping others achieve more. As a lean/agile practitioner and Co-Active coach, I work with individuals, teams and organizations to reach higher levels. Using the right balance of teaching, mentoring and coaching, I share my passion in order to ignite the greatness I see in others. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @JoleneJangles and visit our website at Balanced Agility for blog posts and upcoming classes.

Jimmy Janlen, Sweden
I’m Jimmy Janlen and I support and assist teams, companies and departments to implement an Agile process. In effect, I’m an Agile/Lean coach and am often leading training courses and seminars in Scrum, Agile adoption, Agile leadership, the Agile team and Agile testing. 
I thrive in an environment where it is critical to deliver software of high quality, at a demanding market, in a competitive industry, while enabling development, freedom and job satisfaction for the individual and the team. Feel free to read my blog where I share my thoughts, experiences and reflections on Agile, Lean, Scrum, Kanban, Agile testing, and about my life as a consultant on “The Scrummande Consultant.”


Thorsten Kalnin, Germany
I’m Thorsten Oliver Kalnin and I’m a business and executive coach (SoC), Co-Active Coach (CTI), professional facilitator, Communication Scout, StrategicPlay, and facilitator and Certified Trainer for “Training from the BACK of the Room!” 
I work with companies, teams, and eager individuals to unleash their full potential. I accompany and facilitate change initiation, coach individuals, and change the world a tiny little bit for the better every single day.

Rolf Katzenberger, Germany
“Trainer Certification Course” Certifier, Europe

I’m Rolf Katzenberger and, whenever I train or coach, I go for shining eyes and I team up with coaches and trainers who love to do the same. I get rid of outdated standards that just do not cut it anymore. Insights, flow, and learning depend on courage!

That’s what a “pragmatic” does – stays curious, avoids doctrine, and uses what really works. I keep learning and adopting better ways to teach. My passion has become my mission: I’m helping teams, coaches and companies to establish pragmatic teamwork and to build momentum. My website is Pragmatic Teams.

Ravneet Kaur, California, USA
I’m Ravneet Kaur, President and CEO of Agile School Inc. I’m an Enterprise Agile Coach and Accredited Kanban Trainer. I also provide training for ICAgile certified courses for Agile Coaching & Enterprise Agile Coaching, for Scaled Agile Framework, for iSQI (International Software Quality Institute) courses and for “Training from Back of the Room.”

Teaching is my passion and it’s satisfying and fulfilling for me when the students leave the class much more enthusiastic, energetic and knowledgeable, as compared to what they were when they had entered the class. All my trainings are now TBR inspired and I’ve trained people across 4 continents – Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

Nisha Kaushik, Virginia, USA
I am Nisha Kaushik, a proud mother, a facilitator, coach, and an energetic trainer. I am also the founder/owner of Agileitis. I have 10 years of experience in the Agile world and have worked with several fortune 500 companies to help them enhance their perspective on agility. There are no shortcuts to any place worth going and if you can think about something, that means that you can achieve it. I believe in working hard. Being a TBR trainer has changed my approach to training and has provided me with practical tools that have significantly helped me improve my learners’ success and the overall success of the organizations that I have supported.

Julian Kea, Germany
I’m Julian Kea, a flexible facilitation trainer and business skills trainer, based in Berlin. I’m passionate about creating active learning environments with hands-on workshop methods, including TBR, Thiagi’s Interactive Training and Teaching Strategies, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Liberating Structures and Open Space Technology. These methods enable teams to have an authentic exchange, promote mutual understanding, and strengthen cooperation. My mantra is “Rediscover Learning. Work Smarter.” You can find me on Twitter @kiLearning.

Philiy Lander, England
I’m Philiy Lander  and I work with Scrum teams and leaders across multiple industries. I’m an Agile Coach with Adventures with Agile, where I help lead an Agile transition team at a global organisation of 20,000+ employees.  For me, everything Agile coaches do is underpinned by professional coaching skills and the neuroscience of how the brain learns. To truly facilitate large scale and lasting change we have to understand how human beings change on a personal level and work with that natural process. I’m also currently working on my MA in Personal & Business Coaching and I’m very excited to be part of the enthusiastic and passionate TBR Certified Trainers Team.

charlesmaddoxCharles Maddox, Texas, USA
I’m Charles Maddox,  the founder and principal of The i4Group.
I’m also a professional trainer, Agile coach, and product development consultant. I have over 20 years of technical leadership and training experience in various industries. At The i4 Group, I have worked with several organizations to help them adopt better Agile practices through coaching and training. I specialize in coaching the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), as well as being a mentor, trainer and ICF certified coach. I am eager to share Accelerated Learning and “Training from the BACK of the Room” with my clients, customers, and colleagues. Follow me on Twitter @charlesmaddoxjr.

benmaynard (1)

Ben Maynard, England
I’m Ben Maynard and I have been training adults for over 10 years. I’ve always been passionate about enabling and supporting people in gaining knowledge and reaching their potential. My career started in local government, then in investment banks and, in more recent years, supporting teams in reaching their high-performance goals. Throughout all of these stages my focus and passion have been on becoming an evermore effective educator and trainer via a deep and growing understanding of brain based learning.

Brian Milner, Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Area, Texas, USA
I’m Brian Milner, founder of Scrum 360 and an active Agile trainer and coach. I have been leading training courses in Scrum for over 10 years now. In my TBR classes, I share with you the insights I’ve learned from a career spent training others, and we explore together how this brain-based learning approach can completely transform the effectiveness of your trainings. My classes are energetic and interactive and I look forward to meeting you! I’d love to connect with you at either my blog on Scrum 360  or on Twitter @bmilner.

Tamsen Mitchell, England
I’m Tamsen Mitchell and I have worked at a bunch of companies for a number of years (but that’s a BLAH bio!). More importantly, I have fun doing it. With a background in architecture, video games and then Pixar, I’ve always been around strong creative, storytelling environments where thinking outside the box was nurtured.I’m passionate about continuous improvement, and how to facilitate that curiosity in others. I specialize in crafting learning and development programs that maximize retention and engagement in the participants. Stop slogging through sterile and boring training! There is a place for humor – let’s make it fun.You can find me on Twitter @franklinminty.

simon (1)

Simon Powers, England
I’m Simon Powers, the founder of Adventures with Agile, a global community of practice for Agile and organisational change. I am currently working as an Agile Coach and Organisational Change Agent with some of the largest organisations in the world. I have 18 years experience in software development and I have seen and overcome (with varying degrees of success) the types of problems faced in large organisations. I also run private training courses for organisational change, including getting teams sprinting and producing value, and making use of their collaborative strengths.
 I am passionate and a dedicated advocate of courage, respect, openness, transparency, empowerment and service.

Amir Peled, Romania 
I’m Amir Peled, an enthusiastic and energetic Agile Coach with over 7 years of practicing Agile and more than 18 years of project management experience. I have successfully aided organisations in their Agile journey to either adopt or improve their use of Scrum and other Agile frameworks both in troubled projects and new ones. Companies which benefited from my coaching services were of various sizes, from start-ups to multinationals, with diverse backgrounds such as public transport, rail, IT (infrastructure and software development) and banking.

Kelly Pfeiffer, South Carolina, USA
I’m Kelly Pfeiffer, owner of Go Interactive Training with expertise in active learning, social-emotional learning and experiential facilitation methods. As a trainer and training designer, I’ve been integrating TBR strategies into my training work since 2006. I love the challenge of taking a typically boring training topic and breathing life into it through the learner-centered training design taught in “Training from the Back of the Room.” Currently, I facilitate face-to-face training programs and I also work with companies to improve their training design. My work is mostly with adults, but I’ve also used TBR strategies with children as young as seven to teach writing through movement and brain based strategies. I regularly tweet at @GoInteractiveKP.

Dana Pylayeva, New York, USA
I am Dana Pylayeva, the founder and CEO of Agile Play Consulting. I love everything that helps to engage people I train or the teams I coach – Agile games, Open Space Technology, LEGO and (you guessed it!) “Training from the BACK of the Room!” In fact, after taking the course with Sharon, I completely redesigned my training programs. I am the author of “Introduction to DevOps with Lego, Chocolate and Scrum Game” and even that got so much better with the 4Cs training design model!

I’ve trained teams in the US, Canada, Ireland, Japan and the UK. I’ve spoken at 35 conferences in 15 countries, and everywhere people enjoy being engaged in the classes –  staying alert and focused as well as having fun while learning. And you know what? TBR helps create psychological safety and maximizes learning retention too. My mission now is to help you discover the power of TBR and take your trainings, presentations or team meetings to the next level!

Dee Rhoda, Minneapolis, MN USA
I’m Dee Rhoda, an experienced coach, mentor, facilitator, trainer and speaker. I am a consultant with Collaborative Leadership Team.  As a consultant I am thrilled to share my experiences and knowledge with Agile training and transformations.  I get to do what I enjoy best – serve others through training, coaching and mentoring. I bring over 20 years of experience to training and coaching development teams, organizations and individuals. 

I have also been a primary grade teacher and I am currently an adult educator at the University of Minnesota’s College of Continuing and Professional Studies.  So, yes, I have literally taught students from ages 3 to 90!  My focus now is helping individuals, teams and organizations grow and develop.  My experiences transforming teams to business agility from sequential development methods drive me to work with persistence, optimism and passion for positive change. I am devoted to assisting others in achieving success.  

Miquel Rodriguez, Spain
I’m Miquel Rodriguez, an experienced Trainer and Consultant working at Netmind, a Spanish IT Training & Consulting company (that does makes sense, doesn’t it?). I’ve dedicated my career to help organizations get the most out of their IT projects and teams. Currently I’m focused on working with large enterprises to lead organizational improvements and agile transformations. I love TBR since the moment I first heard about it and read the books. When I became a TBR Certified Trainer, I created a Course Design Canvas for the TBR course (feel free to download it here). I also write articles at Netmind’s Knowledge Center.  You can follow me on Twitter @miquelrodriguez.

Mercy Rodriquez, New York, USA
I’m Mercy Rodriguez, an experienced trainer in the Pharmaceutical/Biotech Industry. I am enthusiastic about developing talent within my organization and I believe the training department has the best opportunity to accomplish that. I am excited to introduce TBR and adult learning principles to the new trainers in my industry. The first step to the learning process is curiosity and TBR taught me how to make my learners curious before they start learning. This new training approach has been well received. From virtual to live trainings,  every training has been extremely interactive and every training session has delivered the desired learning outcomes.

Robert Smith, Florida, USA
I’m Robert Smith, the Chief Operating Officer at nTier Training. I’m also a passionate instructor! I am responsible for course customization to meet customer unique requirements, and courseware development and refinement to ensure that the course material is current and relevant. I provide high-quality instruction and coaching in wide range of Project Management and Agile Software Development topics.

Aakash Srinivasan, New York, USA
My name is Aakash Srinivasan. I’m a trainer, coach, speaker and consultant. I’m passionate about teaching and I specialize in training and coaching Fortune 100 companies on all things Scrum and Agile. For over a decade, I have worked with enterprise management groups, executive teams and individual project teams on business efficiency, process improvements, organizational change and large scale Scrum transformations in addition to providing leadership coaching and Scrum certification trainings. You can connect with me on LinkedInor follow me on Twitter @aakashkvs. Cheers!

Kerri Sutey, Texas, USA 
I’m Kerri Sutey, owner and Enterprise Agile coach for The Sutey Group LLC. I am passionate about teaching, coaching, and facilitating individuals on their journey to be successful in constantly changing environments. I bring two decades of experience to my work along with a sense of joy, compassion, and exploration to all those I’m around. And, as a life-long learner, I love learning from and co-creating with others. I use TBR techniques to plan workshops and Agile trainings that result in real learning, collaboration, and fun! You can follow me on Twitter @KerriSutey.

nadertalaiNader Talai, England
Nader Talai,
an experienced Lean, Kanban, and Agile practitioner, coach, and trainer. I am enthusiastic about helping business teams make the development of their software products more effective to increase their organisational agility. I have strong technology & operational leadership and strategic-level project and program-management experience. I’m excited to be able to deliver coaching and training in brain-compatible ways that work hand-in-hand with Agile principles and processes. You can follow me on Twitter @NaderTalai.

Jason Tanner, North Carolina, USA
I’m Jason Tanner and I lead Applied Frameworks, a management consulting firm focused on Agile, product management and organizational change. I get excited about designing and facilitating memorable and effective educational experiences that lead to success. I started my educational career in the Marine Corps in 1991 and haven’t stopped teaching. I began experimenting with TBR five years ago and completely rebuilt all of my courses to leverage the power of brain-based learning. The best outcome of TBR is higher energy levels for the students and for me! I’m on Twitter @jasonbtanner.

Jenny Tarwater, Missouri, USA
I’m Jenny Tarwater, Chief Agilist at Blueshift Innovation. I am a 20-year veteran of Technical Program Management with a disciplined approach of cultivating success and growth in people, process, and products. My mission is to lead others to surpass goals, contribute positively in collaborative environments, and explore undiscovered opportunities and solutions through continuous learning and game play. My hobbies include purchasing sharpies and post-it notes in bulk. Please follow me on Twitter @JennyKCMO and visit our website at Blueshift Innovation.

Avinash Tripathi, Virginia, USA
“I am Avinash Tripathi (Nash). I am passionate about what I do and firmly believe “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go farther, go together.” I am an trainer by profession, a facilitator by heart, and a coach by instinct. I have worked with several fortune 100 organizations to help them through the change curve and enhance their perspective on agility. As a lifelong learner, It gives me immense pleasure to share my experience with others as well as well as learn new perspectives through collaborative learning. I am a huge believer in community before individual. “Nobody is perfect.” In fact, perfection is the enemy of self-actualization. Perfection is a myth, improvement is real – and, as someone smart once said, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”

Bruce Wahlgren, Colorado, USA
I’m Bruce Wahlgren, President and Lead Trainer of the Workforce Excellence Group.  I have over 30 years’ experience in workforce and career development and have worked as a career coach, training coordinator, program manager, and executive director. I was also the Director of the Maryland Institute for Workforce Excellence, during which time I discovered my passion for training and development. I now offer professional development workshops and courses to people in the workforce and career development fields, as well as the corporate world. Because I’m passionate about life-long learning, I found TBR to be the perfect fit for creating curriculum and engaging students – and it sure is fun to facilitate TBR classes!

Sherri Wahlgren, Colorado, USA
I’m Sherri Wahlgren, Co-Trainer for the Workforce Excellence Group. I have 35 years’ experience as a middle school and high school teacher and a world language instructor. I’ve always been a strong believer in the power of interactive teaching and learning. Being part of the TBR Certified Trainers Team provides a natural transition into the realm of working with adult learners. I don’t know who has more fun – the TBR participants or the TBR presenter – but I know for sure that I learn a tremendous amount every time I facilitate a TBR class!

DebWardDeborah Ward, Maryland, USA
I’m Deborah Ward, founder of Assurant Learning & Performance Solutions. For just over two decades, it has been my privilege to assist organizations in their quest to link quality and performance for relevant, high impact, and verifiable results. My greatest joy comes from watching learners experience their “aha” moment and achieve their goals. Discovering, experiencing, and then embracing “Training from the Back of the Room” was my professional moment of insight. My journey through the rigorous training and certification process to become a TBR Certified Trainer has fundamentally changed my approach to training and provided me with practical tools that have significantly improved my learners’ success and the overall success of the organizations that I support. You can find my contribution to Sharon’s blog, with a slide presentation I created, here: 10 Things I Learned from Sharon Bowman.


Beverly Woolery, Florida, USA
I’m Beverly Woolery, educator, trainer and keynote speaker for educational conferences and workshops. I am currently the Program Director for the Educational Preparation Institute (a teacher certification program) at Polk State College in Florida. I was a contributing author to Sharon Bowman’s latest book “Using Brain Science to make Training Stick,” and I present “6 Trumps Workshops” for educational institutions, non-profits, and businesses. My workshops and classes are always interactive, engaging, informative, and humorous. I’m passionate about brain-based instruction and helping teachers and trainers enhance their instructional skills. Click HERE for my website and for more information about my training services.

Monica Yap, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
I am Monica Yap, an Agile Transformation coach as well as an avid trainer and learner. I have been training on variety of content from coding to leadership concepts over the last 20 years. I love to see people “switched on” and excited to learn from my content or through other participants in these types of interactive classes, and I know it’s only the beginning of their journey. Through training TBR, I also see that other trainers come away with seeds of inspiration for their own training programs.

Joe Ziadeh, Missouri, USA
I’m Joe Ziadeh and I’m passionate about brains (but I am not a zombie)! I specialize in the science behind how our brains react to learning and change. I’ve been working in Agile and IT for about 20 years, in a variety of fun and interesting roles. Currently I’m a Training Badass and Agile Coach for Balanced Agility, Director of Process Definition and Measurement for a Fortune 20 healthcare organization, speaker at a number of Agile conferences, and Instructor of Agile Courses in the Washington University Technology Leadership Center. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @JoeAgile and to visit our website at Balanced Agility for blog posts and upcoming classes.

Nick Zingo, California, USA
I’m Nick Zingo, teacher-facilitator for California State University, Northridge, and Moorpark College, Ventura County, California. I am most proud to say I am a Certified Trainer for “Training from the BACK of the Room,” and a State of California Master Instructor! I’m an experienced facilitator, speaker, and SME in police culture – and I’m absolutely passionate about teaching! As a university teacher, and not an “Agilista,” my challenges as an instructor are slightly different. For example, my class numbers range from 25 to 90 learners, and most (unfortunately) learn from other instructors in traditional style classrooms. Because I’m known for my “different” (and successful) teaching techniques, I’m often called upon by colleagues for ideas. I constantly emphasize the importance of Accelerated Learning and engaging all learners!  This is the bottom line: TBR techniques work – no matter the number of learners – and you have to believe in yourself. Like the Nike slogan, you “Just Do It!” You’re welcome to join me (or send a message) at LinkedIn.

CT Authors of TBR Blogs, Podcasts, and Articles
Ed Buhain

Ed Buhain, Washington D.C. Metro Area, USA
I’m IT specialist Ed Buhain. With over 15 years of professional experience in software development and technical project management, I have seen and suffered through the pitfalls of poorly designed and poorly written software. So I enjoy using cutting-edge technology to solve problems and to teach/train/coach others. I also apply my expertise to professional software development and technical project management (and to personal interests like home improvement and cooking!). I am a “technical overachiever” at InfernoRed Technology. You can visit my blog there, and find me on LinkedIn.
 You can also find my guest-post on Sharon’s blog: Terrible Technical Talks (and How to Avoid Giving Them).


Bob Hartman, Colorado, USA
I’m known by friends as “Agile Bob” because I bring over 30 years of experience and broad industry knowledge and was a very early adopter of Agile processes and principles. I’ve served in almost every role in the software industry; consequently, I have deep expertise in training, coaching and mentoring across all areas of Agile development. The following article I wrote was before I become a Certified Trainer for “Training from the BACK of the Room!” I think you’ll find the article an informative and interesting “back-story” to TBR:
Adventures in Accelerated Learning.

LucaLuca Minudel, England
I am Agile Coach Luca Minudel and the founder and CEO of the company SmHarter“SmHarter” is the fusion of two words: “Smart” (working and improving with intelligence and mastery), and “Heart” (using collaboration, purpose, passion, and creativity to delight customers and learners). I passionately believe that “smart” and “heart” are two key ingredients of any successful learning organization. I have combined my own “smart-heart” passion with “Training from the BACK of the Room!” Please see my slide presentation on Sharon’s blog: Draft Your Next Training Course with Ideas from TBR.

Emily Webber, England
I’m Agile Coach and Consultant Emily Webber and the author of Building Successful Communities of Practice. I work with learning organizations and Agile development in the business world. As part of my TBR certification, I created a short, image-rich, informative slide presentation that brings together many of the TBR concepts. You can find my slide presentation 5 Tips for Trainers on Sharon’s blog.

EllenEllen Grove, Canada
I’m Ellen Grove, an Agile Coach and trainer who works with teams in organizations of all shapes and sizes to help them work more effectively through Agile thinking and practices. My work is shaped by over 15 years experience working in software development, a passion for user-centered design, and a background in community organization. Log onto our website at BrainScience to find out more information about our Canada “Training from the BACK of the Room!” public and on-site courses. Our trainers have been using brain science teaching methods for many years while delivering organization effectiveness, Agile, and Scrum training.


Glenn Waters, Canada
I’m Glenn Waters, a coach and trainer with BrainScience in Canada and I work with organizations, large and small, helping them to work with agility. My work with team members, management, and executives helps them to become more effective.
 “Training from the BACK of the Room!” principles and practices factor into much of my work, whether it be when coaching, training, or facilitating. 

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