The Trainer Certification Course (TCC)

1-Day In-Person Trainer Certification Course (TCC)

This 1-day in-person Trainer Certification Course (TCC) gives you the licensing/certification you need if you want to become a TBR Certified Trainer. As a TBR Certified Trainer, you are licensed to present the official 2-day in-person TBR Practitioner Class either publicly or privately. You will also become a member of our global TBR Certified Trainers Team of international trainers from over a dozen countries.

Pre-Course Requirements for Attending the TCC:

* ATTEND an official 2-day, in-person TBR Practitioner Class offered by a TBR Certified Trainer. This is a prerequisite for attending the TCC. Click HERE for the public calendar of all in-person classes.

* Within 2 years of attending the TBR Practitioner Class, EMAIL one of the TBR/TCC Certifiers, indicating your intention to register for the TCC and send a photo of your “TBR Practitioner Class Certificate of Completion” to the TCC Certifier before registering for the TCC. Click HERE for the public calendar of all in-person classes.

* COMPLETE the list of required reading/writing assignments that the TCC Certifier will send you. These must be completed either before, or no later than six weeks after, the TCC is over.

Requirements During and After the TCC:

* Attend the entire day (and make travel arrangements accordingly so that you aren’t arriving late nor leaving early).

* Bring with you the two books you received during the TBR Practitioner Class you attended: “Training from the BACK of the Room” and “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick.” 

* Participate in all course activities and lesson demonstrations.

* Prepare and present a 10-minute analog lesson demonstration for peer review and feedback (slides or digital devices are not allowed to be used for this lesson).  Specific lesson instructions will be sent to you after you register for the TCC and there will be time during the course for you to prepare your analog lesson. 

* Successfully pass the TCC “exam” (this will be explained during the course).

* Fill out the LOA – this is the Certification/Licensing Letter of Agreement (LOA) that outlines your responsibilities as a TBR Certified Trainer.

* Complete ALL required reading and writing assignments – these MUST be completed at most within 6 weeks after the TCC that you attend. If not completed within 6 weeks of the TCC, you will not be allowed to present the TBR Practitioner Class until you pay a late completion fee. 

* NOTE: The TCC is presented in English and all the lesson demonstrations will be done in English, with English instructor/peer feedback. Successful English usage is necessary in order to attend a TCC.

Along with individualized instruction, guided practice, instructor and peer coaching and feedback during the TCC day, you’ll receive a hard-copy of the 225-page TBR Facilitator’s Guide, complete TBR slide sets, and all other digital materials you need to present the official 2-day in-person TBR Practitioner Class.

Also, after successfully completing the TCC, you’ll receive your Certification/Licensing Certificate and you’ll be invited to join the international TBR Certified Trainers Group on Slack. 

This exciting and challenging 1-day in-person Trainer Certification Course is being offered only a few times a year in the United States and Europe and registration in each class is limited to 12 participants. Register early as this class fills up quickly.

For training inquiries, contact the following TBR/TCC Certifiers:
Nicole Fleming at [email protected]
Jean-Paul Bayley at [email protected]



The video above was created by TBR Certified Trainer Anil Jaising
Concepts and Beyond, Inc.