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(Website updated March 25th 2015)

A PERSONAL NOTE FROM SHARON TO THE ATD SACRAMENTO WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS: My deepest thanks to you all for sharing your enthusiasm, expertise, time, and energy with the other folks in both the March 19th and 20th workshops – two unforgettable learning experiences! Please do read the blog post “Follow-Ups to the March 2015 Super Session” – it contains important information for you. Also, please consider taking the short survey below …

Survey for “Training from the BACK of the Room” Events for 2015 – 2016. If you are interested in “Training from the BACK of the Room” and “The Trainer Certification Course,” please take a moment to click on the survey link above to help us determine when and where to offer both programs again. ATD Sacramento will explore co-sponsoring these courses with Bowperson Publishing and the Brain Trust Group.

“Training from the BACK of the Room!”

April 27th – 28th 2015; Nuremberg, Germany
Training Facilitator: Rolf Katzenberger, TBR-CT

Rolf Katzenberger, outstanding Certified Trainer for “Training from the BACK of the Room,” will be the facilitator for a global group of trainers. The course will be offered in both English and German. See what an enthusiastic past training participant has to say about this exciting training event:

“After this training, you’re feeling cheerful, you’re bursting with ideas, holding a detailed concept of your own training in your hands. What more could you ask for?” Christine Neidhardt, Coach, Trainer, Consultant  

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“Sharon Bowman knows her ‘stuff” AND, more importantly, she knows how to teach you her ‘stuff.’ Thanks, Sharon!” Kim Waycaster, Regional Training Specialist, Security Finance

“Action-packed learning which touches ALL styles. Whether you are a ‘newbie’ or an ‘oldie,’ Sharon provides tools and techniques that will enhance the learning experience that you facilitate.” Sarah Hoey, Program Leader, General Mills

“High energy, content rich, worth every penny! What a fantastic way to recharge your training battery!” Cindi Bishop, Senior Trainer, Paramount Health Care

“Sharon Bowman presents ideas in a clear, thoughtful way. Her preparedness shows through her examples, metaphors, and ability to be flexible with content based on attendee interests and feedback. Her expertise is for REAL!” Lynn Maloney, National Sales Training and Development Manager, Hallmark Cards, Inc., KS 

“Excellent training for anyone responsible for teaching others, young or old, regardless of their subject.” Nick Colonna, Trainer for Nevada Energy

“I realized quickly that people and companies across the globe have extremely similar issues that face them regarding training and how to implement it successfully. Sharon flawlessly presents useable solutions that will work for anyone, anywhere.” D. Todd Hodges, Field Services Trainer

“This breaks the mold of traditional teaching methods by introducing new, enriching, and engaging activities to facilitate learning.” Brent Chelker, Technical Accounting Manager, Rally, Inc. CO