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An intriquing presentation using a game-based scenario
to present some great interactive learning ideas:

Some excellent slide design ideas:

Sharon's newest slide presentation and an
image-rich, "must-see" for anyone who uses PowerPoint:

Preventing Death by PowerPoint! from Sharon Bowman 

This has some helpful reminders for anyone who presents:

For the aspiring writer in each of us:

A nice summary of John Medina's "Brain Rules":

A great reminder to all of us as we create
new learning experiences in 2014:

"Move! Don't Sit Still" by Jimmy Janlen
A fabulous slide presentation with great images
and a great message, plus simple and easy ways
to put the concepts to use.

Sharon's slide presentation from
"Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick"



Dozens of great techy ideas for teachers and trainers.
Pick just one (or more) and you'll be on your way
towards multi-media instruction and learning.

This presentation doesn't tell us how to learn,
but it does tell us the importance of learning to learn:

What to do before, during, and after training:

A picture is worth a thousand words:


Prerequisites and Requirements for
The Trainer Certification Course:
How to Present "Training from the
BACK of the Room"

Prerequisites and Requirements (in PDF format)

Adventures in Accelerated Learning
Author: Roger Brown
About the Author:
Roger Brown is a coach and trainer in the world of Agile Software Development, a team-based approach to creating innovative products. He has an interest in the application of neuroscience to learning, creativity, and collaboration. You can correspond with Roger on his professional blog at www.agilecoachjournal.com or his personal blog at www.infinitedigress.com.

The Science of Learning: Best Approaches for Your Brain
Author: Mark Levison
About the Author:
Mark Levison is an Agile Software Development trainer who also specializes in applying cognitive neuroscience to classroom-based instruction and coaching software development teams. For more about Mark and the links to his articles, click here or you can access his personal blog here.

Sticky Teaching: Understanding What a Brain Can't Ignore. Slide presentation by Chris Lema

Help! My Presentation Sucks: 3 Emrgency Ideas to Help Your Presentations Slide presentation by Oliver Adria

"Training from the BACK of the Room"
Sponsored by Crisp Consulting
Stockholm Sweden, November 18th - 19th 2013

The Scrum Alliance Gathering Pre-Conference Workshop
"Excerpts from: Training from the BACK of the Room"
May 2013, Las Vegas, NV


Excella Group: "Training from the BACK of the Room"
April 2013, Arlington, VA

The CollabNet Agile and Scrum Trainers
"Training from the BACK of the Room"
August 2011, Portland OR

The Rally Corp. Agile and Scrum Trainers
"Training from the BACK of the Room"
May 2011, Boulder, CO

The Educational Service Unit 10
Professional Development Trainers
"Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick"
May 2012, Kearney, NE

Scrum Alliance "Training from the BACK of the Room"
Scrum and Agile Coaches and Trainers
Amsterdam, November 2010



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Note: Sharon's 2014-2015 open-to-the-public workshops will be posted by the end of August, 2014.

Possible Programs for 2015:
2-day "Training from the BACK of the Room!"
and 1-day Certification Course
January 2015; Nashville, TN

Click HERE for a description of Sharon's 2-day "Training from the BACK of the Room!"

Click HERE for a description of Sharon's 1-day Certification Course.

Depending upon interest, both these programs may be offered in Nashville, TN sometime the second or third week of January 2015. Sharon will be the facilitator.

If you are interested in either program, please email Sharon at SBowperson@gmail.com and she will put your name on a list of possible participants.

The pricing, registration information, venue, and other details will be posted here once we have determined the interest for the programs.


Get your free downloaded recording
of Sharon's webinar hosted by HRDQ:
Brain-Based Presenting!
Getting the Brain to Pay Attention


Just completed in Cologne, Germany:
Training from the BACK of the Room!

First time offered in Germany for the public and a huge success!

This 2-day train-the-trainer course was facilitated by outstanding TBR Certified Trainers Thorsten Kalnin and Rolf Katzenberger, both from Germany. They are also Scrum and Agile coaches.

A small global group of trainers met for two highly interactive and memorable training days. More will be posted about this successful training experience soon.


Wondering about the best ways
to use PowerPoint?

Here are some other excellent slide presentations about using PowerPoint – highly visual, unusual, and totally thought-provoking.
Source: www.slideshare.net.

Brain Rules for Presenters
Burn Your PowerPoints
Stop Killing Your Students with PowerPoint
Don't Be a PowerPoint Felon
5 Ways to Make Linear Navigation More Interesting
Presentation Skills for Teachers
You Suck at Powerpoint


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All of these short, quick, image-rich slide presentations can also be found on the Articles page of this website.

Preventing Death by PowerPoint

5 Tips for Interactive Webinars

How To Teach It So They Learn It

How to Map Your Instruction in 4 Simple Steps

Engage the Brain: 5 Ways to Create Interactive Slides

How to Design Great Training: Begin with the End in Mind

Different Trumps Same: Getting the Brain to Pay Attention

Teaching Adults ANYTHING in 4 Easy Steps

Movement Trumps Sitting


Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick!
Six Learning Principles that Trump Traditional Teaching.

Sharon's newest book is now available on www.amazon.com

Click here for the table of contents and a free excerpt.


The Six Trumps Workshop

In Sharon's newest book there is a facilitator's guide for a 45-minute workshop introducing audiences to the six learning principles. The following links are for the materials that accompany the workshop:

The Six Trumps Workshop Slide Set
The Six Trumps Workshop Postcards
The Six Trumps Workshop Table Cards


Training from the BACK of the Room!
65 Ways to Step Aside and Let Them Learn.

Purchase your own copy of this valuable, "grab-and-go" resource available now on www.amazon.com. Click here for more detailed information about this sequel toThe Ten-Minute Trainer.

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"Energetic, insightful, and game changing. Sharon has condensed years of brain science into an easy-to-understand bag of tools that are accessible to any trainer, regardless of background."

Brian Rebon, President The Brain Trust Consulting Group

"Awesome! New ideas on how to teach and how to learn so that people remember and are focused on learning all the way – all of this is great!

Anita Kasari, Senior Software Engineer
Nixu Company

"Enlightening, memorable, and thought-provoking. Worth its weight in gold!"

Brad Streets, Retail Sales Trainer,
LG Electronics

"This was the most useful course I have attended in my career - lifelong learning at its finest!"

Michelle Hutchings-Medina, Instructor
Washington University

"Multi-faceted in its scope and complexity made simple! This course presented essential training information in a totally fun and involved way!"

Patrick Casanova, Trainer
Southwest Gas Corporation

"There is something in this course for everyone, from novice to experienced trainer - stimulating and action-packed!"

Donna Gravesen, Training Corrdinator
General Mills

"Go! Even if you've been training for a long time, you will learn or revisit MANY ways to liven up any training. Outstanding, useful, and fun!"

Karen Carlson, Senior Training Specialist
Best Buy

"Dynamite! We were immersed in all of the tools and, from one activity to the next, they all become clear and useable. It excited me about all the new training possibilities at my disposal."

Karen Harris, Division HR Manager
Orkin Pest Control, GA