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Great Reviews for Sweden's
Peter Antman and Jimmy Janlen,
Certified Trainers for
Training from the BACK of the Room!

The training was held in November 2014 in Sweden, and was such a success that it will be offered May 4th - 5th 2015, in Stockholm again. The course was facilitated in Swedish by outstanding Certifed Trainers Peter Antman and Jimmy Janlen, both Agile trainers from Crisp Consulting. Click on the link above for details in Swedish about the May 2015 training event.

An intense and valuable course that I will never forget because my brain was flexed in every way possible to make things stick! Mads

I recommend this class to any facilitator and teacher. Trond

I finally got to stock great new tools in my facilitator's toolbox! Ulrika


Great Reviews for
Certified Trainer Angela Doyle and
CT Ass't. Kumar Dattatreyan:
"Training from the BACK of the Room!"

Certified Trainer Angela Doyle and CT Ass't. Kumar Dattatreyan received outstanding evaluations for their facilitation of "Training from the BACK of the Room" July 2015 from a group of enthusiastic attendees in the Washington D.C. area. See all the great comments and photos on the Events page. Log onto Angela's website at Fast Forward Training for more information.


"Training from the BACK of the Room!"
Trainer Certification Course Requirements
Nashville, TN January 2015

Trainer Certification Prerequisites.pdf

Applying the 4Cs Map to Enhancing Team Performance
Author: Salah Elleithy
About the Author:
Sallah Elleithy is the Managing Consultant and Learning Facilitator for SparkAgility a training and consulting company with a focus on enabling agility and enhancing team performance. This article is a "must read" for Agile and Scrum trainers who plan to attend "Training from the BACK of the Room" or the Trainer Certification Course.

Adventures in Accelerated Learning
Author: Roger Brown
About the Author:
Roger Brown is a coach and trainer in the world of Agile Software Development, a team-based approach to creating innovative products. He has an interest in the application of neuroscience to learning, creativity, and collaboration. You can correspond with Roger on his professional blog at www.agilecoachjournal.com or his personal blog at www.infinitedigress.com.

The Science of Learning: Best Approaches for Your Brain
Author: Mark Levison
About the Author:
Mark Levison is an Agile Software Development trainer who also specializes in applying cognitive neuroscience to classroom-based instruction and coaching software development teams. For more about Mark and the links to his articles, click here or you can access his personal blog here.

Sticky Teaching: Understanding What a Brain Can't Ignore. Slide presentation by Chris Lema

Help! My Presentation Sucks: 3 Emergency Ideas to Help Your Presentations Slide presentation by Oliver Adria


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Preventing Death by PowerPoint! from Sharon Bowman 

Treat yourself to Sharon's
free, ten-minute micro-courses:

All of these short, quick, image-rich slide presentations can also be found on the Articles/Slides page.

Preventing Death by PowerPoint

Six Trumps: Six Learning Principles that Trump Traditional Teaching

5 Tips for Interactive Webinars

How To Teach It So They Learn It

How to Map Your Instruction in 4 Simple Steps

Engage the Brain: 5 Ways to Create Interactive Slides

How to Design Great Training: Begin with the End in Mind

Different Trumps Same: Getting the Brain to Pay Attention

Teaching Adults ANYTHING in 4 Easy Steps

Movement Trumps Sitting


What Participants Are Saying
About Sharon's Programs

"Energetic, insightful, and game changing. Sharon has condensed years of brain science into an easy-to-understand bag of tools that are accessible to any trainer, regardless of background."
Brian Rebon, President The Brain Trust Consulting Group

"Awesome! New ideas on how to teach and how to learn so that people remember and are focused on learning all the way – all of this is great! Anita Kasari, Senior Software EnginNixu Company

"Enlightening, memorable, and thought-provoking. Worth its weight in gold!"
Brad Streets, Retail Sales Trainer, LG Elecronics

"This was the most useful course I have attended in my career - lifelong learning at its finest!"
Michelle Hutchings-Medina, InstructorWashington University

"Multi-faceted in its scope and complexity made simple! This course presented essential training information in a totally fun and involved way!" Patrick Casanova, Trainer Southwest Gas Corporation

There is something in this course for everyone, from novice to experienced trainer - stimulating and action-packed! "
Donna Gravesen, Training CorrdinatorGeneral Mills

"Go! Even if you've been training for a long time, you will learn or revisit MANY ways to liven up any training. Outstanding, useful, and fun!Karen Carlson, Senior Training Specialist
Best Buy

"Dynamite! We were immersed in all of the tools and, from one activity to the next, they all become clear and useable. It excited me about all the new training possibilities at my disposal."
Karen Harris, Division HR Manager
Orkin Pest Control, GA






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(Website updated December 8th 2014)

Registration is now open for two public training programs sponsored by ATD Sacramento:

Got a Minute? 6-Second Activities that Help Learners Review, Repeat, and Remember
March 19th 2015; 5:30 - 7:30 PM
Sacramento CA

Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick!
March 20th 2015; 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Sacramento CA

The Association for Talent Development, Sacramento is proud to sponsor Sharon's two training programs listed above, with Sharon facilitating both programs.

The March 19th workshop is a fast-paced, 2-hour program packed with 60-second activities that you can use with any topic, any audience, and any group of learners.

The March 20th workshop is Sharon's most popular one-day training program. You'll discover six learning principles based on the most current "cognitive neuroscience" – the brain science about human learning. You'll leave with a collection of interactive training strategies that use these six principles, as well as your own copy of Sharon's best-selling book:
Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick!

Register for one or both programs and join Sharon and an enthusiastic group of trainers for two high-energy, unforgettable training experiences.


2-day "Training from the BACK of the Room!"
January 12th - 13th 2015

1-day Certification Course
January 14th 2015

The BrainTrust Consulting Group is proud to sponsor Sharon's two training programs listed above, with Sharon facilitating both courses. Both courses are open to the public and limited in seating availability (the certification course is already full). Be sure to register soon!

Venue: Homewood Suites Nashville Downtown
706 Church Street, Nashville, TN 37203

Click HERE for detailed information and registration form for the 2-day "Training from the BACK of the Room!"

Join Sharon and trainers from all across the United States for one or both of these high energy, interactive, practical and useful training programs. Hope to see you there!


Training 2015 Conference and Expo
February 6th - 8th 2015 (Certificate Programs)
February 9th - 11th 2015 Conference
Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta

P01: Training Design, Delivery, and Facilitation (brochure page 8) 3-day Certificate Program; February 6th - 8th 2015; 9 AM - 4 PM; Atlanta, GA.

Join three master trainers (and training participants from all around the world) for a unique, dynamic, and totally unforgettable certificate program!

Day 1: "Creative Training Techniques and Participant-Centered Models" with Bob Pike.

Day 2: "Making Training Stick by Applying Brain Science" with Sharon Bowman.

Day 3: "Designing and Conducting Training Games and Activities" with Thiagi.

For more details and registration information, click on the links above.


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