Training and Learning Myths and Facts – Contributed by Jean-Paul Bayley

(Blog post contributed by TBR-VE™ and TCC Certifier Jean-Paul Bayley): Conventional wisdom can be misleading when unchallenged … and there is a lot of unchallenged conventional wisdom about training and learning!

In the UK, we have a fabulous show called “QI.” The show’s participants are celebrities (comedians mostly). They are asked a series of questions, and they buzz in to give an answer and win points. The program-makers set traps by using misleading conventional wisdom within the questions. When a celebrity falls into the trap, they lose 10 points from their score. The winner of the show usually just about breaks into a slightly positive score (which tells you how powerful conventional but misleading wisdom can be).

Apart from giving us inspiration for a brilliant learning activity, what does this tell us about training? It tells us that we should challenge the conventional wisdom of training, i.e. those things we accept as true without ever questioning them.

To that end, I thought I’d try an experiment and put together a “Training and Learning Myths and Facts” game based on current research. Click on the link below for the PDF version, or view the carousel below (advance the images by clicking on the arrows in the top left of the carousel). After you view the game, I welcome you to join me on LinkedIn to post your feedback.

Training and Learning Myths and Facts


Training and Learning Myths and Facts


About the Author: 

Jean-Paul Bayley lives in the UK and is a partner of Actineo Consulting LLP, a Business Agility Consultancy. He is also a TBR-VE™ Certifier and the Trainer Certification Course (TCC) Certifier for European/Asian countries. He is a top contributor to this TBR blog. Below are a number of his most popular posts:

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