How to Learn Things Super-Quick

Just about the time I’m thinking that I really need to begin a regular practice schedule – rather than hit or miss –  if I want to get really good at playing the keyboard for the little local band I’m in (and we’re playing a dance gig in March – ack!), I run across this fabulous slide presentation!

How to Learn Things Super Quick by BrightCarbon

A visual slide presentation is worth a thousand words, and I think this one says it all. Spaced practice, here I come! 🙂


  • Thank you for your comments. Yes, long-term retention can be enhanced a number of ways, even when information cannot be immediately applied:
    1) Remember to repeat and repeat to remember (from “Brain Rules” by John Medina). Reinforce content with both massed and intermittent repetition/reinforcement.
    2) 6X 6W (6 times, 6 ways). Have learners revisit content during the training event at least 6 times and in 6 different ways – writing it, discussing it, playing a game with it, taking a quiz about it, creating drawings or 3-dimensional representations to remember content, etc.
    3) Have learners do teach-backs where they teach someone else what they’ve learned or they do presentations about the content.

  • Thank you! Good map to slay the giant and helpful in filtering information overload. Any guides on long-term retention when learned info cannot be immediately appled?

Thank you for reading!