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Another Free Webinar: 6 Brain-Science Principles That Trump Traditional Training, Teaching, and Presenting

If you’re one of my regular blog readers, or if you’ve attended a “Training from the BACK of the Room” class, then you’re already familiar with the six brain-science principles that trump traditional training, teaching, and presenting. On March 19th 2019, sponsoring company InSyncTraining invites you to a free webinar where you’ll experience these principles in action.

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Tips and Resources for Creating Interactive eLearning (reposted)

I’ve been asked many times about applying the concepts learned from the face-to-face class “Training from the BACK of the Room” to either synchronous (live, virtual learning) or asynchronous (independent, self-study learning) via webinars and any other form of online learning. Here are some resources to help you create more interactive, brain-based  elearning experiences.      

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