How Technology Rewires the Brain

In keeping my promise to the Training 2015 Conference and Expo Certificate Program participants that I would post some of the brain research about how digital technology is affecting the human brain, I have collected an assortment of informative and provocative articles.

computerbrainListed below are just a few of dozens of research articles about how technology is rewiring the brain. While technology is obviously here to stay, and while the human brain has always rewired itself to accommodate its environments and experiences, there are some reasons for concern and some actions we can take to increase the good and decrease the bad. Awareness is the first step we all need to take to understand this newest “human brain evolution” of the twenty-first century.

Author Nicholas Carr: The Web Shatters Focus, Rewires Brains
From: Wired Magazine

10 Ways Technology Rewires the Brain
From: ListVerse

As the Internet Rewires our Brains
From: O’Reilly Community

This is How the Internet is Rewiring Your Brain
From: Huffington Post

And one of the most interesting videos on this topic is from ASAP Science: 5 Crazy Ways Social Media is Changing Your Brain Right Now.  You can also view this video on my VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE website page.

Thank you for reading!