Networking Tips for Introverts (and Shy Folks)

shyExtroverts LOVE interacting with dozens of people during a class or training. They relish the exchange of information and energy. However, even the most passionate trainer who happens to be an introvert often feels overwhelmed just THINKING about the upcoming interactions. I know because I’m an introvert at heart.

How do you distinguish between being an introvert versus an extrovert? Ask yourself one simple question: How do you re-energize?

If being with other people helps you gain back the physical and psychological energy you’ve spent while teaching/training, you’re probably an extrovert. However, if you need your own space to re-energize, preferably without anyone around (even a loved one), and lots of solitude and quiet time, you’re definitely an introvert.

Yes, you can fake it. Most people think that I’m an extrovert because I have a very high-energy training style. But the effort to sustain that high energy exhausts me. About an hour after a training event is over, all I want to do is to crawl into some quiet place, totally alone, and sleep for awhile.

If you, too, are an introvert at heart, the following short slide presentation offers simple reminders that may help you conserve energy when with groups of people, and tips for re-energizing afterwards:

Networking Tips for Introverts (and Shy Folks): Visual Sketchnotes from MarketingProfs (Artist: Veronica Maria Jarski)

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