A Blog Post about Blogging: For Anyone Who Wants to Create Great Content

Her name is Sue Anne Dunlevie, and she is a prolific writer and blogger who gives away tons of practical, useful content FOR FREE! Her blog is not only about how to create a successful blog, but about how to create inspiring content, period!

Sue Anne’s website is Successful Blogging and here is some of the free information you will find there:

How to Create a Daily Blogging Habit to Produce Great Content Consistently. This isn’t just about blog-writing. You might want to write articles, or a book, or lesson plans, or a great training program. This blog is about the HABIT of creating/writing anything. Even if you just choose one or two of the many ideas in this blog, you will be well on-your-way to creating content that others will want.

PBOOK001-35 Practical Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website. If you are an independently-contracted trainer (i.e. working for yourself and not working full-time for a company, agency, or educational institution), this post will help with the “business” of training.
And Sue Anne offers a free book: “How to Attract 1,000 Subscribers in 30 Days: A Step-by-Step Formula for Beginner Bloggers” (get it on her website homepage).

A caveat: I don’t know Sue Anne. I only know that she is a great writer with great content that serves her readers well. And I always feel inspired and hopeful after reading her blogs – kind of like an energizing shot-in-the-arm before I write my own blog or training content.





  • And my thanks back, Sue, for your GREAT blogging tips! Cheers to YOU! 🙂 Sharon

  • Hi, Sharon,

    Well, thanks SO much for the nice review today! I certainly appreciate you as a loyal reader of Successful Blogging.


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