17 Desk Stretches That Will Keep You Alive

My job – as an author, adult instructor, and small business owner –  requires that I sit for long hours in front of a computer doing the behind-the-scenes stuff that forms the foundation of my books, training programs, and business. I hurt – I mean REALLY hurt – at the end of a computer workday.

skeletonIn fact, I find it quite ironic that, in today’s health-conscious world, many of us in teaching and training professions are still suffering the consequences of our office-bound, sedentary life-styles.

Personally, I know that I will pay the price in pain whenever I turn on my computer for a marathon session of writing, lesson planning, emailing, reading, filling out forms, etc. I hunch over the screen, sit still for long hours, take medication to mask the pain, and finally finish with my body aching from head to toe.

So, when I found the helpful slide presentation below, I vowed to begin taking small steps to lessen the pain. I’m still in the “baby-steps” stage, setting computer reminders to stop and stretch every 30 minutes, but it’s beginning to pay off and I’m hopeful that there will be less pain and more health in the near future. I offer the same hope to you, if you’re trying to sit less and move more.

17 Desk Stretches That Will Keep You Alive! from Dan Benoni

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