The 9 Best Study Tips from ASAP Science

owlWhile school bells are ringing for kids in countries around the world this month, a record number of adults are taking to classrooms (both in real time and online) as well – to learn new skills, improve work performance, or expand their own knowledge.

Here is a new ASAP Science video that will quickly show you nine ways to learn faster and remember what you learn longer. It doesn’t really matter what you’re learning – whether performance-based or knowledge-based information. These nine tips are proven to be effective ways of learning anything new, or expanding your understanding and mastery of something you’ve already learned. Furthermore, the tips can be used in instructional settings, when you are teaching or training others.

If these nine tips make sense to you, teach them to your own kids for a happier school year. No kids? Then teach these tips to colleagues and friends so that they can be more successful in any learning endeavor they pursue!



  • Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Deb. I agree that letting learners know they will be teaching the new content to others is a great idea – I will borrow that from you and use it in my own training programs! 🙂 Sharon

  • Great video – these guys are so smart and entertaining (I wish they would turn off the rhythmic beat behind their videos though and now I know why!)

    My top takeaway from this video is that when presenting new information to my learners (or asking to them to explore new info – even better) I will let them know that they will be teaching others during the concrete practice segment, this will help them organize the information more effectively for their own learning & others!

Thank you for reading!