“10 Things I Learned from Sharon Bowman” – Slides Contributed by Deborah Ward

seedsIn the last class I facilitated, “Training from the BACK of the Room,” the participants talked about scattering “corn-seeds” throughout their training worlds – taking the content they learned and teaching it to others (think: mustard seed parable).

We are all corn-seed scatterers, hoping that what we teach will make the lives of our learners better and more fruitful. Once in awhile, we discover where the seeds have taken root and the fruit they bear for others to learn from.

I wax poetic, but I’m making a point here: I just discovered where some of the “Training from the BACK of the Room” corn-seeds have gone. I accidentally stumbled upon a simple yet rich slide presentation that is laden with “fruit” for other trainers to use. TBR Certified Trainer Deborah Ward created the slide presentation below as a wonderful contribution to the training world. I am posting it here, thereby scattering more corn-seeds for us to grow – enjoy!

10 things I learned from Sharon Bowman from Assurant Learning & Performance Solutions

Deborah Ward is a learning and performance consultant, currently working with Assurant Learning and Performance Solutions and the Signature Consulting Group. She is also a Certified Trainer for “Training from the BACK of the Room!” For more information about Deborah, you can view her LinkedIn profile or email her at [email protected].


  • How very exciting for you, Deb! I’m SO happy that the brain-based information has made a difference – and that you’re scattering those corn-seeds all over the place! Congratulations and cheers to YOU, m’dear! 🙂

  • My guru! Thank you Sharon – you’ve changed the way I practice this fantastic profession, but more than that you’re ideas have changed me for good! Just yesterday a very senior leader within a government agency gave me a YES to rewrite a leadership course with Brain Based Active Learning strategies. I’ve learned from experience that this will benefit my client and the learners – I can’t wait to make this happen!

Thank you for reading!