“How Does the Brain Learn Best? Smart Studying Strategies” from MindShift

brainFor the past fifteen years, the intersection between education/training and cognitive neuroscience has become stronger as brain scientists now have ways to monitor and record what effective teachers and trainer have known for a long time: how the human brain learns best.

The following article gives an excellent summary of many of the non-traditional ways the human brain is wired to learn – and how knowing and using this information can help anyone learn better and faster. Check out what KQED MindShift  author ingfei Chen has to say about forgetting (which isn’t bad), brain foraging (which is very good), spacing (dividing study time into smaller segments), breaks (the importance of moving around between study times), and varying the learning environment. Cool stuff – and so very useful for any learner! Here is the full article: How Does the Brain Learn Best? Smart Studying Strategies

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