Ken Robinson on Flourishing (An RSA Short)

An “RSA Short” (tagline: “Espresso for the Mind”) is a short (obviously) animated video created by RSAnimate that covers one specific concept. In this video, Sir Kenneth Robinson speaks about the importance of flourishing and how both education and organizations impact this essential human need. His unforgettable ending to this RSA Short makes it well worth the two minutes it takes to view it.

Sir Kenneth Robinson is an English author, speaker and international advisor on education and the arts to government, non-profits, private organizations, and educational institutions. He is also a celebrated Ted Talks presenter and RSAnimate speaker. One of his best RSAnimate videos is Changing Education Paradigms. You can click on the link, or click on Videos from YouTube on this website and scroll down the middle column to find and view this excellent 15-minute, animated video.

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