Warm-Ups for the February 12th – 14th 2016 Certificate Program, Orlando FL

certificate-iconBrain scientists call it “priming” – getting your brain ready to learn. I call them “Warm-Ups” – short, quick, optional activities that will introduce you to some of the concepts covered in the 3-day Pre-Conference P01 Certificate Program at the Training 2016 Conference & Expo being held in Orlando, Florida in February 2016.

Below is a list of 5 Warm-Ups – please do at least #1 and #2 before the February training dates. If you aren’t attending the P01 Certificate Program, you will still find the optional activities interesting and informative. Hope to see you in Orlando in a couple of weeks! Sharon

1. Log onto my MICRO-COURSES page and view the two image-rich slide presentations there titled “The Six Trumps”  and “Different Trumps Same.” Each takes only about 5 minutes to view.

2. Watch “Move. Don’t. Sit. Still” by Swedish trainer Jimmy Janlen on the  SLIDES FROM SLIDE SHARE page. This resource contains lots of ideas for inserting movement into a presentation or training.

brain_rules_cover_3d_white13. On VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE, watch the short “Brain Rules (Trailer)” by John Medina, the author of one of the best brain science books of the 21st century: “Brain Rules.”

4. Interview someone who, in your opinion, is an expert in training or teaching others. Find out what he or she considers important whenever face-to-face instruction is done. Be ready to summarize the interview for your table group if you are attending the P01 Certificate Program.

5. If you haven’t yet watched an RSAnimate production on YouTube, you are in for a treat. Log onto VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE and watch “Changing Education Paradigms” – a ten-minute “fast-draw ” presentation about the history of education and present day implications for all trainers, instructors, and learning facilitators.

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Thank you for reading!