“Training from the BACK of the Room” Podcast Contributed by Vic Bonacci

headphones2A “Very-Cool-Thing” happened at the “Training from the BACK of the Room!” (TBR) class in Orlando, Florida, April 14th – 15th 2016. Participant Vic Bonacci hosted a podcast with eight other trainers there. Here’s what happened …

The podcast featured nine voices. IT specialist and avid Agile Coach Vic Bonacci (AgileCoffee and @AgileCoffee) was joined by fellow TBR participants (all working with Agile/Scrum teams) to discuss how TBR aligned with the training and coaching that they do in their workplaces, communities, and with families and friends.

The guest list included:

Abid Quereshi (@abidquereshi) from London
Lonnie Weaver-Johnson (@Lonniewj) from the USA
Tomas Rodriguez (@sINNplify) from Costa Rica
Mario Mendez (@sINNplify) from Costa Rica
Fred Madrigal (@sINNplify) from Costa Rica
Stuart Fish (@fishstua) from Germany
Anderson Hummel (@anderson_hummel) from Brazil
David Gardner, from the USA

The podcast group discussed the following topics:

* TBR and Scrum workshops
* Brain-based learning in a one-to-one coaching context
* TBR and the Agile Manifesto
* The relationship between training and coaching
* TBR related to self-organization
* TBR applied to parenting
* Does a trainer need to do the thing they teach?

VicBonacciA bit about Victor Bonacci, creator of this excellent podcast: In 2012 Vic created Agile Coffee for the purpose of bringing together the local Agile/Lean community around a focal point of conversations. As more trainer/coaches joined the community, they exchanged many creative ideas – and consumed a lot of coffee! Vic’s use of the moniker “Agile Coffee” owes as much to the Lean Coffee (and What is Lean Coffee?) movement as to his own love for the roasted bean.

Even if you are not part of an Agile group (and even if you don’t even know what Agile/Scrum is), you’ll get lots of great ideas from Vic and his podcast group of enthusiastic trainers.

Here is the link to this excellent podcast:

Agile Coffee Podcast, Episode 46

Click HERE for the podcast page on Vic’s website at AgileCoffee.  And a personal “Thanks, Vic!” from me for this contribution and service to both the Agile/Scrum community and the global training community at large!

PS. Vic and the participating trainers in this podcast are Certified Trainers for “Training from the BACK of the Room!” If you are interested in becoming a TBR Certified Trainer, the last Trainer Certification Course for 2016 will be held in Nashville, Tennessee USA on October 5th. A prerequisite for this certification course is the 2-day Training from the BACK of the Room! class (click on the TRAINING EVENTS page for the listing of upcoming TBR classes in the USA, Canada, and Europe for 2016).

Thank you for reading!