Creating Your Own “Six Trumps™ Card Set” with “The Six Trumps™ Guide”

6TrumpsCover2Awhile back, I posted a popular guide based on the Six Trumps™ from my book “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick.”  Here is the “Six Trumps™ Card Set” to go with the Six Trumps™ Guide.

With content from my book, “The Six Trumps™ Guide” (in its colorful, icon-rich, PDF format) was created by Carole Carter-Cleaver, Senior Director of Learning and Development at Otsuka America Pharmaceuticals, Inc. If you haven’t already downloaded this excellent 2-page guide, click on the red button below:

Once you’ve looked the guide over, here are the instructions for making a “Six Trumps™ Card Set” from the guide:

1.  Print the 2 pages, single-sided, on white card stock. I used heavy-weight card stock, about 64#/230 gsm or heavier.

2.  Cut out all the cards so that one set = 12 cards. If you have a large paper cutter, you can cut multiple sets of about 4 – 5 sheets of card stock at one time.

3.  Put the card set (12 cards) in a clear plastic 3″ x 4″ baggie (click HERE for baggies from Amazon at quantity discount pricing).

4.  Print the following copyright information on a small 1″ x 2 3/4″ address label (available at office supply stores; Avery 5660 or the like; 30 per page):

Layout ©2015 Otsuka
Content ©2010 Sharon Bowman
Used with permission.

5.  Stick the label onto one side of the baggie. Alternatively, you can print the copyright information on a small slip of paper and insert the paper into the baggie, along with the card set.

6.  Make enough of the card sets so that each participant in your train-the-trainer class has a set.

Below are 4 train-the-trainer class activities that you can use with the “Sx Trumps™ Card Set,” once each participant has his/her own set:

MATCH-UP #1: Learners lay out all their cards and match the “Trump” cards with the description cards – a simple task since the cards are color- and icon-coded. Once they’ve matched the cards, learners silently read the descriptions for each “Trump” card.

MATCH-UP #2: Once learners have matched up and read their cards, they take turns (in their table groups) giving verbal examples of training activities that use one or more of the Six Trumps™ (brain-science principles).

DOT-VOTING #1: During your train-the-trainer class, pause every now and then and have participants discuss which brain-science principles you have used so far. Then direct each participant to place a small dot (use dot stickers from office supply stores), or have learners draw a dot, on the back of the “Trump” cards that were mentioned during the discussion. This activity helps participants recognize when and how they can use these brain-science principles in their own training programs. 

DOT-VOTING #2: Instead of dotting the brain-science principles that you’ve used in YOUR train-the-trainer class, participants dot the “Trumps” that are the most challenging for THEM to use in their own classes. Then, in small groups, they discuss which “Trumps” they dotted and how they plan to “rise to the challenge” and use these brain-science principles the next time they instruct others.

I’m sure that you can think of other ways to use the “Six Trumps™ Card Set” with your train-the-trainer participants. The lovely thing about the card set is that it becomes a “souvenir” of the learning journey: Participants take the cards home with them, and the card set will remind them of the Six Trumps™ – and how to use these brain-science principles – every time they teach or train.

My thanks, once again, to Carole and Otsuka, for creating this bright, helpful training gem! 🙂



Thank you for reading!