The 4Cs Design Checklist – Contributed by Christine Brautigam

4CsDesignChecklistI am always surprised and delighted with the practical and helpful training aids created by many of the “Training from the BACK of the Room” (TBR) Certified Trainers. This “4Cs Design Checklist” – created by Christine Brautigam – is a training design jewel!

001-2-300x225 (1)TBR Certified Trainer Christine Brautigam is the founder of InspiredAgility, an Oregon-based company dedicated to bringing brain-based learning techniques and mindful change management to businesses and trainers in the USA, Canada, and Europe. Christine’s approach to “Training from the BACK of the Room” is playful, informative, and totally practical, as evidenced by this wonderful design aid that goes hand-in-hand with the 4Cs, the 6 Trumps, and the 6 Memory Tools from the “Training from the BACK of the Room” classes currently being held in the USA and Europe.

On the front of the “4Cs Design Checklist” are the 6 Trumps and the 6 Memory Tools that help learners move content to long-term memory.

4CsDesignCardFrontThe 6 Trumps are:

  1. Movement trumps sitting.
    2. Talking trumps listening.
    3. Images trump words.
    4. Writing trumps reading.
    5. Shorter trumps longer.
    6. Different trumps same.

The 6 Memory Tools are:

  1. Beginnings stick (primacy).
    2. Endings stick (recency).
    3. Connect it to what I know (linked).
    4. I remember what I have written.
    5. Surprises stick (jolts).
    6. 6 times, 6 ways (repetition).



4CsDesignCardBackOn the back of the design checklist is the “4Cs Design Quality Check.” When using the 4Cs training design/delivery model, these are four questions you should ask yourself:

  1. What does the learner already know about the topic? (C1 – Connections)
    2. What does the learner need to know about the topic? (C2 – Concepts)
    3. Can the learner do it or teach it to someone else? (C3 – Concrete Practice)
    4. How does the learner plan to use it? (C4 – Conclusions)

Click on the red button below for both pages of the checklist:

You can download and print the two pages on card stock, then cut them out and use them whenever you design a class or training with the 4Cs.




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