“Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks” by Tiffany Shlain

brainpowertedcover-copyThrough my Internet search for interesting videos about the human brain, I discovered this informative and innovative 10-minute film that covers everything from how the human brain develops to how we are reshaping our own brain every minute of our lives.

This provocative and attention-grabbing film was created by Tiffany Shlain, an Emmy-nominated filmmaker and the founder of Let It Ripple, The company’s mission is to invite conversations and collaboration around complicated subjects that are shaping our lives.

In the film below, Tiffany asks “How is technology reshaping our brain?” and, more importantly, “How are WE reshaping our own brain?” She also explores analogies for the brain, brain functions, and what hinders and helps brain development. She gives you an up-close and personal introduction to your own brain and suggests practical things you can do for its well-being. Her message is a profound one, and well-worth the 10-minutes to invest in viewing the film.

To view in full screen, click on the “play” arrow key in the middle of the video, then click on the bottom right icon when it appears on the screen.

Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks by Tiffany Shlain 


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