Pocket Cards: 10 Super-Easy Health Tips for 2017

cardsDear Reader: Because I want you to know how much I have appreciated your interest in my blog posts, I’ve created a little gift for you so that you can end 2016 and begin 2017 with health and well-being. I call the gift “Pocket Cards: 10 Super-Easy Health Tips for 2017.”

What are Pocket Cards?

These are small colorful cards that contain short, easy wellness ideas you can put to use during your busy workday. Each health tip is based on medical research about what the human body/mind/spirit needs for a tiny, daily dose of health. Over time, these precious moments add up to new, healthier daily habits. For example, if you are trying to better your physical wellness you may want to start taking probiotics/supplements each day from companies like ActivatedYou to support your body. You can keep little reminders everywhere, or put a Pocket Card in your dressing gown so you take them each morning to get ready for your day.

pocketcardsset1-6Benefits of Pocket Cards:

If you repeat these super-easy health tips daily/weekly, you will gradually increase your own physical energy and contribute to your peace of mind and overall well-being. You will also strengthen your own immune system and your ability to handle unavoidable daily stressors. No miracle here – just “spaced practice” that will transform your daily life, one moment at a time.

How to Use Pocket Cards:

Click on the red button below and then print the single sheet of 10 cards from the second page on cardstock or other thick paper. Laminate the cards, if you wish. Then cut out the cards and tuck them in a pocket, wallet, or purse. Or tape one each day to your computer, dashboard, office desk, or wherever you will see the card. Use them as small but powerful reminders of all the tiny ways you can improve your own daily health.

Choose a different card randomly each day (or choose one you specifically want to focus on). If you do two each day, you will use the whole set in five days. That means you will repeat the set at least six times in a month, enough time to move these super-easy health tips into long-term memory and to forge new, healthier physical and mental habits.

Other Suggestions:

At first, tie a small bit of ribbon to a watch, ring, or button to remind you to choose and use a pocket card each day. Remember, you are changing physical and mental habits, one small moment at a time. After awhile, you won’t need the reminder ribbon. Be kind to yourself; change takes time. Give away pocket cards to family members, friends, or work colleagues. Look for more free pocket card sets about brain science and effective instruction, which will be posted throughout 2017 on my website. Cheers to you and yours for 2017! 🙂


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