Pop-Quiz Homework for IACET Webinar Participants

(NOTE: I posted this the day before the actual webinar, Feb. 23th 2017, so that participants can access it immediately once the webinar ends).

You attended my webinar “Brain-Based Presenting: Getting the Brain to Pay Attention” and now you’re ready to do some of the “Follow-Ups” – spaced practice activities that will help move what you learned into your long-term memory.

Here is the most important of the follow-up activities, and the one that comes with a special free “thank you” from me to you:

Pop Quiz Homework  

“How were the elements of NOVELTY, CONTRAST, MEANING, and EMOTION used during the “Brain-Based Presenting” webinar to get YOUR brain to pay attention?” 

Answer the question above in a few short paragraphs and send your answer to me in one of two ways:

1. Type your response in the “Comments” section below this blog post, OR …

2. Send your response via email to me at [email protected]. 

As my way of saying “thank you” for taking the time to do the Pop Quiz Homework, I will send you my complimentary ebook “Presenting With Pizzazz!”

And, if you haven’t already done so, be sure download the free note-taking handout from the webinar by clicking HERE. This handout contains many excellent, brain-based resources for you to explore.

TBRLogoSmallFinally, if you would like to join me for the 2-day “Training from the BACK of the Room” class and the 1-day Trainer Certification Course” in April 2017, please check my website’s What’s New? or Training Events pages for the details and registration links. FYI: The 2-day class is a prerequisite for the 1-day certification course. There is a wait list for the first class and there are 3 seats left for the second. Perhaps we’ll meet F2F there! 🙂


  • And my thanks to you, Carol, for your response and kind kudos about the webinar – made my day! 🙂 The complimentary ebook will be sent via email. Cheers! Sharon

  • Carol Lynn Esposito

    “How were the elements of NOVELTY, CONTRAST, MEANING, and EMOTION used during the “Brain-Based Presenting” webinar to get YOUR brain to pay attention?”

    The presentation was a wonderful confirmation of the way I use ppt to guide my presentation. It also was a good checklist for me to go back and review my own presentations to see if my ppts meet the elements in all slides. Thank you for a wonderful presentation

  • Hi again, Henry! Just sent you an email detailing the webinar links, etc. I posted the Pop-Quiz homework one day early – the actual webinar is tomorrow, February 23rd, from 10am – 11am PST. See the email for more info. Great hearing from you! Cheers to all 🙂 Sharon

  • I actually did not attend the webinar; although, would love to have done so. Is there a recording to review?

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