Active Reflection and Successful Learning

Because the San Diego “Training from the BACK of the Room” classes –  and the 2017 San Diego Scrum Gathering – are right around the corner,  I was really lucky to find this great slide presentation about active reflection and successful long-term learning.

if you’re familiar with Scrum/Agile terminology, you know that “retrospectives” are a necessary component of successful “sprints.” For those of us who don’t work everyday in the Scrum/Agile world, here is a quick translation: A “retrospective” is a way to actively reflect on what has worked (or hasn’t worked) well during a “sprint” or specific period of time in which people collaborate to create, learn, work, or problem-solve together.

The active reflection that follows any human endeavor is crucial to learning from the experience and to moving what has been learned into long-term memory. When I discovered Jackie Gerstein’s excellent slide presentation below, I felt like it went hand-in-hand with the active reflection piece that is SO necessary to successful learning.

Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D., is the author of the online teacher education website User-Generated Education.  Jackie says of himself: “I don’t do teaching for a living, I live teaching as my doing … and technology has amplified my passion for doing so.” He also quotes: “We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on an experience.” 

What I like best about Jackie’s slide presentation is that he gives viewers ideas for “honoring multiple means of reflection.” He also offers useful guidelines for “making reflection questions.” View his slide presentation below, and then let me know your reactions as you actively reflect on these ideas about active reflection. 🙂

The Maker as a Reflective Practitioner from Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D

Thank you for reading!