• Hi Tom! Sorry for the delay in responding – thanks for your patience! Great hearing from you – hope all is well in the Expeditionary world 🙂 (assuming you’re still with the Expeditionary Center).

    Regarding your question about font colors: While a darker color is the default for most text (lighter colors are harder to read), using a lighter color (red, green) and in bold for emphasis adds contrast and alerts the reader’s brain to pay more attention to those words (novelty/change versus rules/routine). So there IS a brain-based reason for what you are doing (you might let your Dept. know that!).

    Hope you have had a peaceful and relaxing summer! Cheers 🙂 Sharon

  • Hi Sharon. I loved your class, and had a colorful adult question. One of my courses was reviewed by the Dept today, and 2 people were upset that I has different color text. I use dark blue as a default, and a few words emphasized in red (if it is a warning) or green (if it is good news). Of course, I also use colorful pictures. I was told that I had to use dark blue or black text only. Did I miss a new law?

Thank you for reading!