“How Playing a Musical Instrument Benefits Your Brain” by TED-Ed

To benefit your brain: dust off your old guitar, tinker with the family piano, or better yet, buy a used anything – keyboard, ukulele, drum, banjo, tamborine – and play it (well or poorly, it doesn’t matter)!

Bottom line? It’s about your brain! The video below is about one of the most powerful ways you can improve your own brain function: learning to play a musical instrument. (Obviously, if you have kids/grandkids of your own, encouraging them to play any kind of a musical instrument benefits their brains too.)

See what happens inside your brain when you add music to your own personal set of life-skills:

How Playing an Intrument Benefits Your Brain by TED-Ed

Obviously, this blog post has nothing to do with your job as a teacher or trainer and everything to do with enhancing your own cognitive skills (or those of your family members). Even just listening to music can change your brain (see the video below), but playing a musical instrument is the gold-standard for significantly increasing brain-function, no matter your age or previous musical background. Give it a try and see what happens!

How Music Affects Your Brain by Buzz Feed


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