“You Are Not As Rational As You Think” by Yang Ao Wei

Sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves that we aren’t really totally rational beings, especially when it comes to learning new information or new ideas. And it’s good to remember this whenever we’re teaching or training others. THEY aren’t always rational, either!

As human beings, we often readily accept new information that we agree with, but when new ideas contradict our previous beliefs, we just-as-often discount them without any further consideration. It might be in our best interest to understand how our own “cognitive biases” – i.e. our habitual ways of thinking – can get in the way of learning. In turn, as teachers and trainers, we can then understand why it takes time for our learners to absorb and accept the new information and concepts we present to them. Hopefully, we’ll be more patient with them as they, too, work through their own cognitive biases. Below is an excellent slide presentation about cognitive biases for your viewing pleasure! 🙂
You Are Not As Rational As You Think by Yang Ao Wei
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