3 More Presentation Tools from “Brain-Based Presenting” (reposted)

HRDQBrainBasedIconAbout 14 months ago I created a webinar titled “Brain-Based Presenting: Getting the Brain to Pay Attention.” I’m reposting both the webinar and bonus presentation tools here – use this post to refresh your memory or to learn about brain-based presenting.

The webinar sponsoring company, HRDQ, offers free memberships on its website and, as of this date, there is no cost to view the archived webinars there. At some point in the future, HRDQ may begin charging a nominal fee for the webinars it archives. Until then, if you want to view “Brain-Based Presenting: Getting the Brain to Pay Attention,” you can still do so for free, just by signing up to receive occasional news from HRDQ.

If you have already viewed the webinar, you now have over a dozen presentation tools – interactive strategies and brain-based elements – that you can use in any presentation, training, or meeting, whether F2F or online.

In addition to the tools you already have, you can click on the red button below for three more brain-based presentation tools:

Also, if you haven’t already done so, be sure to click on the following blog posts for the free, downloadable note-taking handout and homework from the webinar (including a complimentary ebook):

Free Webinar: Warm-Ups and Follow-Ups for August 31st 2016

Pop Quiz Homework for HRDQ Webinar Participants

Remember, you can use “Warm-Ups” and “Follow-Ups” and “Pop-Quiz Homework” like these in your own webinars and F2F presentations.

Finally, if you really really like knowing the “cognitive neuroscience” behind brain-based presenting and training, consider attending my 2-day  “Training from the BACK of the Room” class – the only public TBR class that I will be facilitating for Spring/Summer 2018. The class will be held in Minneapolis MN on April 12th – 13th 2018. Click HERE for details and registration information (there are still seats left). Click HERE for a calendar of TBR classes for 2017 – 2018 (classes are being added monthly so check back).

I will also be facilitating the 1-day Trainer Certification Course on April 15th 2018 in Minneapolis.  This 1-day Cert Course will give you everything you need to be able to present the “official” 2-day TBR class for your own clients, customers, companies, and educational institutions. (Note: You must have attended a 2-day TBR class in order to attend the 1-day Trainer Certification Course.)

As of now, the 1-day Cert Course on April 15th 2018 is sold out, but there is a wait-list forming and, if there are enough people who are interested, the sponsoring company (The Braintrust Consulting Group) may open up another Cert Course day. We should know by the end of December 2017 whether we have enough interested people to consider doing this.

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