Priming – Getting the Brain Ready to Learn (reposted)

There are many ways to introduce learners to training concepts before the actual physical or virtual class begins. I’m reposting this blog because I think it’s a great reminder about how to do just that.



“Priming” is the term brain scientists give to a concept that is really important for human learning.  Neuroscientific studies have shown that the human brain will accept new information more readily when it has been “primed” beforehand, that is, when it has been introduced to some of the information in informal, non-threatening ways before the more formal instruction takes place. This means that trainers need to offer learners ways to explore content before the actual class or training occurs.

These priming activities can include:

1. Send out an email or creating a blog post with “Warm-Ups” (see examples on this previous blog post);

2. Have learners explore websites, videos, or other Internet sources that have to do with the topic;

3. Suggest that learners interview colleagues who are familiar with the topic or that they read information you have posted before the class or training begins.

Will learners do these optional activities? Some will; some won’t. But even if they don’t, their brain will still have been “primed” to pay attention to some topic-related information before the class or training occurs. Furthermore, during the class, learners will feel that the new information is familiar to them and they will “buy-in” (i.e. accept it and use it) more readily. An added bonus: Priming creates a feeling of engagement and community which, in turns, lessens resistance, especially when the training is a mandatory one.


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