“6 Ways To Quit Bullet Points With Style” by Podium Wisdom (resposted)

On my website you have at your fingertips dozens of slide presentations that give you hundreds of ways to create awesome slide decks, without boring your audiences to death. Here is one of them that I thought was worthwhile enough to repost.


FYI: When you have time, click on my SLIDES ABOUT POWERPOINT page for other excellent SlideShare presentations about using PowerPoint effectively. Meanwhile, the  following powerful slide presentation is from a website I discovered two years ago, Podium Wisdom. PW’s mission is: “Using the dark arts of persuasion to light up the world!”

Captivating, quirky, and highly informative, both the slide presentation below and the website cited above are well worth the short time it takes to explore them. Your slide presentations will be transformed by Podium Wisdom – enjoy!

PS. For full screen viewing, click on the white arrow in the bottom right side of the screen.

6 Ways to Quit Bullet Points with Style by Podium Wisdom

Now, to add to what you just learned from the above slide presentation, the one below is from my SHARON’S MICRO-COURSES page – it’s an excellent demonstration of Podium Wisdom’s concepts (even if I do say so myself!):

Preventing Death by PowerPoint!

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