“Novelty: Why It’s a Brain-Changer for Learners” Contributed by Kelly Pfeiffer

Kelly Pfeiffer is a Certified Trainer for “Training from the BACK of the Room.” As part of the required assignments to become a Certified Trainer for TBR, she created an excellent and useful slide presentation to share with trainers and teachers everywhere. Enjoy this image-rich learning experience!

This is what Kelly teaches us about novelty:

“Novelty wakes up the human brain and, in a pleasant way, it says, ‘Pay attention. You’ll like this!’

There are endless ways to integrate novelty into training design and still stay focused on the important training content. Novelty elements work best when they compliment the learning atmosphere, not distract from it.

In my slide presentation below, I outline the the brain basics of novelty for trainers, teachers, and learning facilitators. The slides explain the why’s and how’s of using novelty. Plus, you’ll see great visual examples of novelty – ideas that you can easily integrate into your own classes and training programs.”

Novelty: It’s a Brain Changer for Learners by Kelly Pfeiffer

Kelly Pfeiffer is the owner of Go Interactive Training. She is an expert in active learning, social-emotional learning, and experiential facilitation methods. As a trainer and training designer, she has been integrating TBR strategies into her training work since 2006. She loves the challenge of taking a typically boring training topic and breathing life into it through the learner-centered training design taught in “Training from the Back of the Room.” In addition to facilitating face-to-face training programs, she also works with companies to improve their training design. You can find her on Twitter at @GoInteractiveKP.


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