Announcing the May 2019 TBR and TCC Classes, Austin, Texas

Dear Readers: For the past four years, the Braintrust Consulting Group has sponsored numerous public 2-day “Training from the BACK of the Room” (TBR) classes as well as the “Trainer Certification Course” (TCC) days that I’ve facilitated annually. For 2019, changes are in the air!

The Braintrust Consulting Group and my company, Bowperson Publishing & Training Inc., have developed a very successful business relationship. Now we’re taking this relationship one step further. In 2019, the Braintrust Group will be partnering with Bowperson Publishing to offer the 2-day TBR class and 2 TCC days in Austin, Texas, right before the Scrum Global Gathering being held there in May, 2019.

The dates of the Austin, Texas TBR class are May 16th – 17th 2019. The dates for the two Austin TCC days are May 18th 2019 and May 19th 2019Braintrust is now accepting pre-registrations for all classes (use the links above. Pre-registering is free and doing so will hold a seat for you. For pricing, please contact Nicole at [email protected]). Please note that the 2-day TBR class is a pre-requisite for the 1-day TCC.

Partnering like this will mean that two of the excellent TBR Certified Trainers from the Braintrust Group will be facilitating the Austin TBR class. One of them is Brian Rabon, the CEO of the company and an experienced and well-respected international trainer.

The other is Nicole Fleming who is the company’s Operations and Training Coordinator and who has assisted me with every TBR and TCC event that her company has sponsored.

This past April in Minneapolis, Nicole facilitated the last of the four TCC days (I was her assistant). She received great accolades from the class (see Certified Trainer Amir Peled’s article: “Different Approach for Teaching”). This worked so well that next year in Austin, Nicole will be facilitating the two TCC days, with me taking the role of her assistant again.

My company and I look forward to working in partnership with the Braintrust Group and with Nicole and Brian for the 2019 Austin, Texas classes. If you’re interested in attending either/both the 2019 Austin TBR and TCC classes, do pre-register – once registration is open to the public, the classes will fill very quickly.

Pre-Registration for “Training from the BACK of the Room”
Austin, Texas; May 16th – 17th 2019.

Pre-Registration for the “Trainer Certification Course”
Austin, Texas; May 18th 2019

Pre-Registration for the “Trainer Certification Course”
Austin, Texas; May 19th 2019


  • A belated thank you for your suggestion, Katjarina. We have added more TCC days to the 2019 calendar – they just haven’t been made public yet until all the wait-list folks get a chance to sign up for them. Cheers! 🙂

  • I’m willing to bet you can add additional day(s) for the certification course and still have a long waitlist… please consider adding more!

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