How to Learn Better, Faster, Longer

As a New Year’s treat for my blog readers, I’ve compiled some great resources with helpful suggestions for learning anything better, faster, and with longer retention. Use these suggestions for your own learning, or pass them on to family members, friends, and the folks you teach, train, and instruct. Happy 2019!


The resources below are all based on cognitive neuroscience, i.e. how the human brain takes in, stores, retrieves, and uses information. I call this “brain-based” or “brain-friendly” learning and instruction.

Choose ideas from these resources to enhance your own learning experiences as well as the learning experiences of the folks in your classes and training programs.

How to Learn Faster by ASAP Science

How to Learn Things Super Quick from BrightCarbon


And be sure to pick up your set of Pocket Cards from the blog post:

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Interested in experiencing more of these learning resource tips in action? Consider attending the  “Training from the BACK of the Room” (TBR) class in a city, state, or country near you. For a complete list of 2019 classes, click HERE or HERE and check back as classes are added monthly.

Curious as to what you’ll learn from participating in a TBR class? Click on the following blog post for a description:

What You’ll Learn from a TBR Class

Thank you for reading!