Learning and the Brain: 2 Short Videos on How We Learn

I’m always surfing the web for information about the human brain and how it learns. In this blog are two short videos: “The Learning Brain” and “How to Learn Faster.” Both videos are visually-interesting and great refreshers on how we, as humans, learn.

“The Learning Brain” is a creation of The Pod Bean, a website of members’ podcasts about a variety of topics, including how the brain learns. View this short video below for a refresher about your learning brain:


I’ve posted the video below – “How to Learn Faster” – awhile back – it’s one of my favorite refreshers about how we learn. ASAP Science has a whole collection of interesting videos like the one below – all free on YouTube.

Finally, below is a bonus video from ASAP Science: “Brain Tricks – This is How Your Brain Works.” It’s another of my favorites. Enjoy the learning! 🙂


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Thank you for reading!