A Collection of Resources for Teachers, Trainers, and Parents of Virtual Learners

Whether you’re a teacher with a virtual classroom full of kids, or a trainer/instructor of adults via a remote platform, this collection of resources will be helpful for all. I’ve also included resources for parents of kids who will be in “distance-learning” classes for the upcoming school year.

For Teachers/Trainers: The list of links below will be helpful if you’re just beginning to teach/train online using virtual tools. BTW, don’t get hung up on “teacher” versus “trainer” or “student” versus “learner” – it’s all about effective, successful virtual instruction and learning, no matter what vocabulary you use.

You’ll find many of the tips listed in the links below quite useful, regardless of the age of your learners or the content of your class:

10 Must-Know Tips for Virtual Teaching
From: study.com

7 Tips for Being a Great Virtual Teacher
From: teachforamerica.org

10 Virtual Teaching Tips for Beginners

Thank you for reading!