The Best Posts About Virtual Instruction and Learning

When it comes to designing/delivering effective and successful online instruction, sometimes we just need a refresher to remind us of what we already know. Here, you’ll find a collection of links to a few of my past blog posts about virtual instruction and learning. I hope you’ll enjoy revisiting this useful information (be sure to download the free infographic!).

Below is the free infographic to download and share with interested colleagues:

Wake ‘Em Up!  7 Tips for Interactive E-Learning

The blog posts that follow cover many topics that are helpful for “newbies” (those of us who are fairly new to teaching/training online), as well as those of us who are experienced in delivering virtual instruction:

6 Tips to Practice Your Virtual Training Skills

4 Suggestions for Learning – and Teaching – in a Virtual World

Small Trumps Large When Training Online – Contributed by Jean-Paul Bayley

Take Charge of Your Learning! 9 Tips for Adult Virtual Learners

5 Tips for Interactive Webinars

6 Staging Tips for Facilitating Virtual Classes

If you’re interested in exploring more concepts and strategies for creating interactive, fun, and memorable virtual classes and training, I invite you to attend one of the many 2021 TBR-VE™ Classes (TBR – Virtual Edition). Please click on the public calendar button below for more details:




  • Greetings, Eugene: Here is my belated reply: Not advised! IMHO, you remove all curiosity about what is going to be taught. Furthermore, you remove “novelty, contrast, meaning, emotion” from your training. These are the four major elements of getting and keeping the focus of each participant on the content being taught. If you pass out the slides prior to the training, learners will assume they can just stay home and read the slides at their leisure.

    By all means, send the slide set to your learners after the training is over! The slides will act as a way to review the content and move it into long-term memory then.

    I’ve emailed a free infographic to you that I think you’ll find useful in your training. Cheers! 🙂 Sharon

  • Hi Sharon – What’s your philosophy/guidance on sending our training slides prior to the actual class for a virtual training course? Is this a good practice or not advised?

Thank you for reading!