Links to Information about the TBR-VE™ Class (TBR – Virtual Edition)

I’ve received many emails with questions about the TBR-VE™ Class (TBR – Virtual Edition). Some questions had to do with schedules and fees; others had to do with course content and how the virtual class differs from the 2-day in-person TBR Practitioner Class. Here are resources to help you sort it all out.

The two links below will answer most of the questions that still come up about the TBR-Virtual Edition Class and the in-person TBR Practitioner Class:

4 Differences between the Virtual and In-Person TBR Classes
8 Frequently-Asked Questions about the TBR-VE™ Class

While you’re exploring the above blog posts, don’t forget to pick up the freebies on the following post:

2 Free Infographics for You: The 4Cs and the 6 Trumps™

If you want to become certified to teach the virtual class, you must first attend the 2-day in-person TBR Practitioner Class and then attend the 1-day in-person Trainer Certification Course. For descriptions of these classes, click HERE.

The Public Training Calendar on my website lists all public virtual and in-person classes. Be sure to check back as classes are added monthly. As global pandemic issues abate, more in-person classes will be listed, as well.

For two 1-minute videos that capture the energy and enthusiasm of the virtual class, click on the white “play” arrows on the videos below:

Click on the white “play” arrow below to view what the TBR-VE™ Class is about:


Click on the white “play” arrow below to view an introduction to the TBR-VE™ Class:


The TBR-VE™ videos above were created by TBR-VE™ Certified Trainer Teri Frith.


Thank you for reading!