5 Resources to Help You Create Interactive Webinars

Most webinars still function as virtual information-delivery systems: lots of slides, lots of lecture, maybe a polling feature, maybe a visible chat box, maybe a “word cloud” generator. To make learning the goal (and not just information-delivery), participants need to be engaged in a variety of ways throughout the webinar.



Below are two free Micro-Courses that will give you some specific ideas and strategies for creating webinars that are engaging and interactive, as well as informative (for full screen viewing, click on the tiny outlined box in the bottom right corner of each slide screen):

In addition to viewing the Micro-Courses above, download and read the free article: Wake ‘Em Up: 7 Tips for Interactive E-Learning.

Click HERE to download and print the free infographic that goes with the above article.

Below are two more helpful resources:

Designing for Online Participation, posted on the Creating Communities of Practice website. This is is an informative article about the differences between online meetings, webinars, training, and how to make any virtual experience more interactive for the learners.

How to Do a Webinar Your Audience Will Love by Dan Shewan. Dan has written an excellent refresher of the technical “how-to’s” of webinar-creation.


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Thank you for reading!