What You Need to Know about the TBR-VE™ Class (reposted)

I’m still receiving emails with questions about the TBR-VE™ Class (Training from the BACK of the Room – Virtual Edition). The information and links in this blog post will help you figure out if the TBR-VE™ Class will fit your professional learning goals as a trainer, instructor, teacher, or coach.

The two links below will answer most of the questions that still come up about the differences between the TBR-VE™ Class and the in-person TBR Practitioner Class:

4 Differences between the Virtual and In-Person TBR Classes
8 Frequently-Asked Questions about the TBR-VE™ Class

While you’re exploring the above blog posts, don’t forget to pick up the freebies on the following post:

2 Free Infographics for You: The 4Cs and the 6 Trumps™

If you want to become certified to teach the virtual class, you must first attend the 2-day in-person TBR Practitioner Class and then attend the 1-day in-person Trainer Certification Course. For descriptions of these classes, click HERE.   These two in-person classes will be offered back-to-back on April 25th – 27th 2022 in the UK (Windsor, England; TBR/TCC Certifier is Jean-Paul Bayley) and on June 9th – 12th in the US (Denver, Colorado; TBR/TCC Certifier is Nicole Fleming). Click HERE and scroll down for the registration information.  

The Public Training Calendar has all public virtual and in-person classes listed. Be sure to check back as classes are added weekly.

For two 1-minute videos that capture the energy and enthusiasm of the virtual class, click on the white “play” arrows on the videos below:

Click on the white “play” arrow below to view what the TBR-VE™ Class is about:


Click on the white “play” arrow below to view an introduction to the TBR-VE™ Class:


The TBR-VE™ videos above were created by TBR-VE™ Certified Trainer Teri Frith.


Thank you for reading!