The Best Posts About Virtual Instruction and Learning (reposted)

When it comes to designing/delivering effective and successful online instruction, sometimes we just need a refresher to remind us of what we already know. Here, you’ll find a collection of links to a few of my past blog posts about virtual instruction and learning. I hope you’ll enjoy revisiting this useful information (be sure to download the free infographic!).

Below is the free infographic to download and share with interested colleagues:

Wake ‘Em Up!  7 Tips for Interactive E-Learning

The blog posts that follow cover many topics that are helpful for “newbies” (those of us who are fairly new to teaching/training online), as well as those of us who are experienced in delivering virtual instruction:

6 Tips to Practice Your Virtual Staging Skills

4 Suggestions for Learning – and Teaching – in a Virtual World

Small Trumps Large When Training Online – Contributed by Jean-Paul Bayley

Take Charge of Your Learning! 9 Tips for Adult Virtual Learners

5 Tips for Interactive Webinars

6 Staging Tips for Facilitating Virtual Classes

If you’re interested in exploring more concepts and strategies for creating interactive, fun, and memorable virtual classes and training, I invite you to attend one of the many 2022 TBR-VE™ Classes. Click on the red button below for more class information and dates (classes are added monthly):



Thank you for reading!