“How We Learn” – Contributed by Forney ISD (reposted)

This is an excellent video about how the human brain learns best. It applies to all ages of learners and all types of learning environments, especially in-person and virtual live-streaming classes.

This short video, titled “How We Learn,” is a product of the Forney Independent School District in the town of Forney, Texas. It was created in a quick-draw, white-board animation style. The interesting and informative brain-based concepts in this video apply to adults as well as kids and to virtual as well as in-person classes. Enjoy!

How We Learn by Forney ISD

If you have been a participant in either an in-person TBR Practitioner class or a virtual TBR-VE™ Class, you will have noticed that the brain-based concepts in this video were applied throughout the class you attended.

If you are interested in exploring more about how the brain learns, click on the red button below for the Public Calendar of classes:  

Thank you for reading!