“The Science Behind How We Learn New Skills” by LifeHacker

I can’t help it: I find these great articles on how the human brain learns – information that hasn’t been easily available until fairly recently – and I just have to post them here so that you can feel as excited as I have about these “brain-based learning” discoveries!

brain3The informative article below is by Thorin Klosowski, writer for the blog LifeHacker. The article contains a wealth of interesting information about how your brain learns and how to help it learn faster and remember more. Here are a few of the short topics the article covers (to spark your curiosity):

  • Better ways to practice (lots of them)
  • Learning without help, instructions, or guides (and why this is a good thing)
  • Failing on purpose (and why THIS is a good thing!)
  • Mastering your body clock (with its own internal need for timing, napping, and daydreaming)
  • DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects and how they help you learn
  • The importance of fun (of course!)

Here is the link to the complete article:

The Science Behind How We Learn New Skills

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