Follow-Ups to the Training 2017 Certificate Program, San Diego

To my blog readers: You already know that “Follow-Ups” are optional activities that help participants revisit what they’ve learned from a class or training. So here are the Follow-Ups for the P01 Certificate Program held in San Diego at the Training 2017 Conference & Expo last week. Even if you didn’t attend the conference, you will find the Follow-Ups interesting and informative.

Brain scientists call Follow-Ups “spaced practice.” Spaced practice (small segments practice time done over a few days, weeks, or months) is better than “massed practice” (one large chunk of practice done in one sitting). Spaced practice helps learners move content into long-term memory and then use the information in practical ways.

As you read/do one or more of these optional activities, consider how you might create Follow-Ups like these for your own training programs. You can send them out to your training participants via email, social media, website, or blog post (like this one).

1. READ ONE: Go back through your class notes and materials and read at least one note-taking page, one workbook article, one book chapter, or one website resource each week for the next 6 – 8 weeks. This will deepen your understanding and application of the concepts. Schedule this on your calendar so you won’t forget to do it.

2. CHOOSE ONE: From your readings, or from the activities listed below, choose one strategy to use in your next class, presentation, or training. Write a reminder so that you’ll remember to use it.

3. USE ONE: Use your chosen strategy and then record the results in a training journal so that you’ll remember how it worked and what, if anything, you might change next time around to make it work even better.

4. DO ONE: Once a week, do one of the activities below:

A. Read the blog post “What to Do When the Training Day is Over and the Real Work Begins.”

B. Read Holding Onto What You’ve Learned.”

C. Go to Slides About PowerPoint, scroll down the page, and choose one slide presentation to view (they are all short, image-rich presentations). Then make a commitment to change at least one element in your own slide deck (examples: font size or type, photo usage, color scheme, amount of text per slide, etc.)

D. View “How to Learn Things Super Quick.”

E. As a treat, watch filmmaker Tiffany Shlain’s fabulous video The Adaptable Mind, post on my blog. If you like this video, also consider viewing Tiffany’s other excellent video “Brain Power: From Neurons to Networks.”

F. And for those of you who have a “burning question” you want answered, please post it in the “Comments” section below, or email your question to me at [email protected], and I will get back to you right away.

If you want to join an enthusiastic group of global trainers for an awesome 2-day train-the-trainer experience, consider joining us in San Diego April 6th – 7th for my “Training from the BACK of the Room!”  class.

If you want to become a Certified Trainer for the TBR class so that you can present it for your own company, clients, and customers, consider attending the 1-day Trainer Certification Course that follows the TBR in San Diego (note: the April 8th Certification Course is sold out but we are considering a second offering of the course on April 9th, if we have enough interest. Email me at [email protected], if interested). FYI: The 2-day TBR class is a prerequisite for the 1-day Trainer Certification Course.

If you participated in the P01 Certificate Program last week in San Diego, my deepest thanks to you for sharing your enthusiasm and expertise with us all – great time, great group! 🙂



Thank you for reading!