Free Infographic: Wake ‘Em Up! 7 Tips for Interactive E-Learning

Before you begin reading this blog post, grab a piece of paper and a pen and jot down the names or descriptions of a few interactive e-learning strategies you have used or have seen used. I’ll pause here while you write ……  😉  When you’ve finished writing, download the 7 free tips in this blog post.


These 7 interactive strategies will most certainly engage and involve learners during a virtual class or webinar. I call them “content-independent” activities, meaning that they can be used with any e-learning subject or topic, even detailed and content-heavy ones. You can use one, two, or all of the tips in one online learning event and the feedback you receive from the participants will make your efforts at “waking ’em up” totally worthwhile!

Below is the link to the free, PDF-formatted infographic. You can download, print, and share these tips with interested colleagues or anyone who conducts online learning (by the way, the tips work great with face-to-face learning, as well):

Wake ‘Em Up! 7 Tips for Interactive E-Learning

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Six Brain-Science Principles that Trump Traditional Teaching, Training, and Presenting.

You can find all of these interactive strategies and more in my two books, “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick”  and “Training from the BACK of the Room.”

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Enjoy the learning! 🙂



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