Free Infographic: Got a Minute? 60-Second Activities to Revisit Content

Because this topic has been one of the most popular blog posts on my website, I’ve created a free infographic that you can download and print. The infographic describes five 60-second activities that help learners move information into long-term memory.

For your free copy of this infographic, click on the link below:

Got a Minute? 60-Second Activities to Revisit Content

Click HERE or HERE for the updated public calendar of “Training from the BACK of the Room” (TBR) classes being offered globally. This highly-popular, two-day train-the-trainer class is an interactive, experiential way of discovering, exploring, and applying brain-based instructional and learning strategies to your own classes, workshops, presentations, and instructional programs. And do check back because more classes are added each month.

March 2019 TBR Classes:

Location: Bangalore, India
Dates: March 23rd – 24th  2019; – ICAgile Presents “Training from the Back of the Room”
Facilitator: TBR Certified Trainer Hastie
Sponsored by: Agile India Conference
Note: Special pricing is available for ICAgile Member Organizations – contact us for more information.

Location: London, England, UK
Dates: March 25th – 26th  2019; Training from the BACK of the Room
Facilitator: TBR Certified Trainer Jean-Paul Bayley
Sponsored by: Actineo Consulting LLP

Click HERE to read about the excellent Certified Trainers who will be facilitating the above two TBR classes in March 2019.


  • Hi Debbie: The TBR classes are for anyone who helps other learn: teachers, trainers, instructors, facilitators, presenters, etc. The classes are also for anyone who is interested in how the human brain learns and how to teach/train others using brain-based instructional strategies (as opposed to traditional instructional methods like lecture).

    The TBR strategies and concepts can be applied to any content, any group of learners, and any instructional setting, whether face-to-face or online.

    The reason why you see so many things on my website linking TBR to Scrum/Agile (which, in a nutshell, are collaborative, team-building strategies in work environments) is because a huge number of Scrum/Agile trainers attend the TBR classes globally, and then create videos, articles, lessons, etc. all combining TBR strategies with Scrum/Agile concepts. Hope this helps. Cheers! 🙂 Sharon

  • Hi!
    I see that the “Training from the back of the Room” trainings are linked to knowledge about SCRUM and AGILE. I have no knowledge of either. How much of that is incorporated in the 2 days?

Thank you for reading!