Free Webinar: 6 Brain-Science Principles That Trump Traditional Training and Presenting

For those of you who are new to the brain science about effective instruction (whether face-to-face or virtual), or for those of you who just want a “refresher,” please join me on August 11th 2020 for a free, one-hour webinar during which you’ll experience six brain science principles in action.

About InSyncTraining

The sponsoring company, InSyncTraining, is an accredited online learning company that offers an array of customized professional services covering all aspects of learning and training in the 21st century. The company’s services include: classroom facilitation, production, and instructional design for virtual, blended, micro, and e-learning classes and programs.

InSyncTraining also offers a series of Virtually There Workshops which include a number of complimentary, hour-long, online programs.

About the Webinar

Six Brain-Science Principles That Trump Traditional Training and Presenting will take place on August 11th 2020, at 2:00pm Eastern Standard Time (USA). To register for this free, interactive webinar, click HERE.

During this interactive hour, you’ll be introduced to some of the most current “cognitive neuroscience” – twenty-first century brain science about how humans really learn. You’ll explore six brain-science principles that will change the ways you instruct others and that will put to rest outdated assumptions about learning. And you’ll experience a variety of brain-based instructional strategies that you can use right away in your own training programs and presentations, whether face-to-face or virtual.

Webinar Handout, Infographic, and Book

Below is the handout link for the webinar. If attending the webinar, please download and print the handout so that you can use it as a note-taking page. You will also need a dozen sticky notes and a pen/pencil, as well:

Six Brain-Science Principles Handout

I’ve also created an infographic that will give you an introduction to the six brain-science principles. To download and print the infographic, click on the link below:

6 Brain-Science Principles Infographic

During the webinar, you’ll experience and collect a variety of specific instructional and learning strategies that demonstrate each principle. And then you’ll be able to apply these strategies to your own instructional topics. It doesn’t matter whether your classes and programs are virtual or in-person; these principles apply to both forms of instruction.

It is when you actually experience the six principles in action that you’ll move your own learning into long-term memory. Plus, you’ll have really concrete ways of putting these principles in action every time you train, teach, or present information to others.

If you’re interested in my book that will give you the research these brain-science principles are based on, and that will also give you more brain-based resources and dozens of specific instructional and learning strategies for both F2F and remote instruction, please click on the Amazon link below:

Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick

NOTE: Since most face-to-face TBR Practitioner Classes for the 2020 summer have been canceled or postponed due to Covid-19, please click HERE for the updated public calendar of “Training from the BACK of the Room” classes being offered globally.

Currently, TBR Certified Trainers are hard at work designing/developing a TBR-Virtual Edition Class. Class participants will learn to deliver dynamic and effective virtual training by applying the best of brain-based, virtual training practices and tools. Release dates will be posted in the fall 2020.

The TBR-VE Class will be offered in addition to (not in replacement of) the F2F TBR Practitioner Class. It will not be a substitute for the requirements for the Trainer Certification Course (TCC).

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The TBR-VE™ Class Is Here!

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